Sunday, 4 May 2014

A basket case.

Yesterday I made my habitual trip to my favourite op shop.
After finding nothing I liked, I was about to leave when I spotted this beauty, the holy grail of handbags:

She is made of woven strips of white and gold plastic, adorned with shells.
She looks almost new, and has a lemon cotton (?) lining.
The op shop was strange though, it looked to have been taken over by staff I'd never seen before.
They were frantically moving all the furniture around.
When I went to the counter to pay, the assistant saw my bike helmet in my bag and asked if it was mine, implying that I had stolen it.
When I denied stealing it he backtracked but the damage was done, I felt like a criminal.
I told him I was in the shop all the time and it was my favourite shop.
He replied that there was one lady who came in every Saturday and bought random things, but he didn't know if she used them.
It sounded like he was talking about me, and I wanted to tell him that I did use them, and wasn't a dealer.
But I was too stunned.
It's the first bad experience I've had there, normally the weekend staff are lovely.
Anyway it was a cheap weekend as that's all I bought, except for some bike lights.
I had a lot on my mind as our reorganisation at work was announced on Friday.
I can't say anything about it yet except that I am probably one of the luckier ones.
And I've been dealing with a crazy internet troll in a group I'm in.
In better news, I made a poppy dress for Anzac day and some wheat free Anzac biscuits.
And I bought a glorious 1960s purple midi.
It's a size too small but I call it an aspirational dress.
I haven't got any photos yet, but will soon.
Advice please: my felted crochet hat hasn't shrunk enough.
Should I boil it up in my witches' cauldron?


  1. What a stunning bag. And what a bizarre exchange with the man at the till! I wouldn't let it worry you, just put it down to poor social/customer service skills. But the shop will lose customers if he carries on implying that customers have stolen stuff and talking critically about them.
    Anyway, apart from that, you found a truly beautiful bag! Hope the work reorganisation isn't too stressful, and that the horrid troll goes away. xxx

  2. Oh that is the most wonderful bag.....what a fantastic find. The shells are perfect on it.
    Hmmmm the op-shop experience can be horrible sometimes.
    I hope your week goes well and the reorganisation at work is ok.
    Love v

  3. You have been dealing with a lot....weird op shop volunteers, trolls & work stress. I hope you're holding up okay? Love the's a real beauty. Xx

  4. Work reorganisation sounds bad, even if you are one of the lucky ones, there is often fall out. Hope things do not get too stressful for you. You sound very productive with sewing and crochet and cooking, the skirt sounds lovely and the bag, well the bag is just to die for. What a great find!!!! Have to say I am not sure which oppy you are referring to and bad customer service is not acceptable even at a charitable organisation. Do they have a Facebook page ? you could send them a message! As for the hat which is resisting felting, yes put in a pot and boil it up - and show us photos :-)

  5. That bag is GLORIARSE!
    There are only two friendly opshop people in this town, most of them seem so jaded.
    I'm pleased you are one of the lucky ones, but trolls suck and need a punch in the head.


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