Monday, 21 April 2014

On flower power, hats and selfies.

Today I finally finished a dress I've been unfashioning.
She started her life as a hideous muumuu I rescued from the Hospice shop for about $10.
The fabric is a slinky nylon knit which was quite hard to cut but not hard to sew and has the bonus of needing no ironing!
I cut out some arm-scyes and most of the fabric at the sides.
From that I cut out sleeves and a band which I stiffened and sewed on under the bust.
It has long ties at the back.
It was harder to alter it than it would have been to start from scratch.
I think I'll wear this one a lot, as I adore the print, and it's very satisfying to design something yourself.
Here's me wearing it: 
The hat originally belonged to one of my grandmothers, and the necklace was from an op shop.
Helga has asked for a perve at my new bike so here she is:
Note the purple metallic mudguards, which I painted because black was just too boring.
She's got 21 speeds and even has suspension.
I think I'm in love.
Because winter seems to have arrived early, I've taken up crochet again.
Here are some of the hats I've made (unfortunately I can't wear them on the bike as I have to wear a helmet) :
No, I'm not channelling Pharrell Williams or Jay Kay, it's just a hat before felting.
The deranged ski bunny look.

Ol' chipmunk cheeks.
My latest effort.


I didn't make this one, it is probably the first vintage hat I ever bought, decades ago.
I think it's made of pheasant feathers.
A lovely little white straw and net number with daisies - $5 from the Hospice Shop.
As you can tell, I hate having my photo taken and have tried to hide behind sunglasses.
For some reason, I'm a bit self-conscious about my eyes.
It's a lot easier when I hide them!


  1. I didn't realise you were such a crochet queen - so many fabulous hats! I can see why you loved that fabric, I would have made an effort to turn it into something fabulous too!

  2. I am in love with the refashioned muumuu. The fabric is amazing and I would really like to see a full length photo of you wearing it. You have a nice collection of hats. Dare I suggest a bike helmet cover?

  3. It's lovely to see you in pics love. Your unfashioned dress is a work of genius, who would know it was once a muumuu? Send some winter over here please, I've had a gutful of summer, I need to wear woolly hats too! xx

  4. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who tends to hide behind sunglasses. I ain't a fan of close up selfies either. I for one would like to see more pics of you. That dress is amazing. I love the fabric, & your refashioning is impressive. Well done on the hats too. I often look out for hand knitted hats at the op shops. I can't believe you're getting such cold weather already. It's still around 30 degrees here. Xx

  5. I love that dress! Well done for putting the work in to alter it, the fabric is just too good not to wear it.
    Cool bike, excellent hats, and although the ones you have made are fab, I am looking longingly at that final vintage white straw/daisies number. So beautiful.
    And it's lovely to see you modelling for us - the more you do it, the easier it gets, honest! xxx


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