Saturday, 5 April 2014

iD Fashion week - Femmes fatale in the library

Every year, as part of Dunedin iD Fashion Week, the library puts on a free show of vintage fashion.
 (I blogged about last year's show last March.)
It's called Geek to Chic, and all the models except one are on the library staff. 

This stunning model wore a coral satin dress with an off-the shoulder cowl neck.
 Satin flowers were appliqued to the front. 

I think this blue dress is my favourite.
It is 1940s with cap sleeves and sequins at the square neckline.

I think you'll agree the models were fabulous.

The gorgeous vintage clothes and accessories were supplied by Box Of Birds in Port Chalmers. 
An LBD with a divine cowl neckline.
Pink lace with a black strapless bodice and lace stole.
A black halter-neck with white faux fur wrap.

A russet satin and cream lace halter-neck with a fur stole.
The ladies' hair was styled by students from the Aoraki Polytechnic.
The makeup was styled by Farmers Department Store. 
A magnificent pale pink satin sheath and mink stole.
I love this shade of blue and the model rocked it!
Copper sequins.
Note the tartan stained glass window in the background by artist Shona MacFarlane.
Sorry about the photos - I only have a small camera and they are not perfect. 
One of the MCs in black and the youngest model in blue bling.
There have been a lot of fashionistas roaming the streets of late and I love it.
I didn't get to see any of the other Fashion Week events.
I would have liked to but most of them were out of my price range.
And I've been super busy lately.
I haven't been blogging much but I've been following most of my favourite bloggers.
I've been doing a bit of sewing and have bought a new bicycle.
A TV channel here has currently got last year's Rolling Stones concert on high rotate and I'm loving it.
I've had to put an extra layer of security on my comments because I was getting so much spam, but please don't let it put you off!



  1. What a lovely event, so many gorgeous dresses and the models are beautiful. Nice to see a post from you! xxx

    1. They are beautiful, sometimes I think that's a job requirement. Luckily brought in after I started!

  2. That 40's frock is my favourite too. Sounds like it's a great week to be in Dunedin. We booked our flights today....can't wait till we return again in August!!!! I had to stop anonymous users from commenting due to spam, which seemed to stop it. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Xx

    1. Ooh, maybe I will finally get to meet you in August!
      Thanks for the tip, I will change it so only registered users can comment and see how that works out.

  3. There's some beauties here - women and outfits. I still go on and on about catching The Stones live last year, if I never saw another band again I'd die happy.
    Yes, make your blog members only and it should stop the spam. x

  4. That would have been a fantastic show to go to.......the dresses are amazing.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Love v

  5. Thanks for popping over to Missy Vintage :) These ladies all look so glam!

  6. The first two frocks are to DIE for!
    What fun!!!!
    Do we get to see the new bicycle?!

  7. What wonderful evening - all the ladies look wonderful. There is something about a fur wrap and gloves and pearls which is so elegant and reminds me of old Hollywood. I passed on all the iD fashion events due to the prices and my lack of interest in what is termed affordable fashion. Lets catch up sometime??!!


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