Saturday, 1 February 2014

Is the Pyrex half full or half empty?

It doesn't matter if the glass is half full or half empty, as long as there is some wine in it.
I'm dreading the next time I have to move house, as I have so much china and glass that it's a nightmare to pack.
Last time I moved I had about ten plastic bins of the stuff, and I reckon it will have at least doubled since then.
I thought I'd share some of my more recent purchases.
A cute little pot-bellied orange lidded container.
I'm not sure what these are used for, but I think I've seen them used to hold cotton wool. 
A dimpled green lidded container.
It was photographed in strong sunlight (obviously taken a long time ago as our summer has been appalling), so you can see its green shadow.
Another one, in clear glass with gold rings.
This one has 1955 impressed on the bottom.
I love Pyrex, and had to overcome my aversion to pink to buy this one.
I haven't seen this flower design before, have any of you, dear readers?
A massive Pyrex dish, with roses.
I see a lot of Pyrex in the op-shops, but I prefer lidded casseroles in good nick.
Another rose pattern, in a bowl shape.
I'm pleased as punch with this vase I found today.
It looks like a Scandinavian design.
You don't see too many of them around these parts.
I love these fluted vases and have them in several different colours.
Here's a green tree-trunk vase, next to Frida.
A large white vase with red flowers.
I'm afraid to use it, as it looks a bit top-heavy.
A large hand-painted Victorian(?) vase.
A glass and a parfait dish.
A hexagonal glass clock, possibly from the 1930s.
A little perfume bottle, in the shape of a turret.
My uncle gave it to me, he brought it back to NZ from London in about 1969.
A 1970s sunflower mug.
A newish cheerful little daisy printed canister.
Another canister, printed with limes.
It looks to be a genuine 1970s one, but I'm no expert. 
An art deco fruit bowl from the 1920s or 1930s.
A large glass jug which weighs a ton.
A tiny glass jug with the sweetest little handle.
A crazy orange and pink vase, with NZ native plants in gold.
And I've saved the best till last:
A gold lightshade in the shape of bubbles.
This is on a shelf in my lounge, and I can't stop looking at it, I'm a bit obsessed!
In other news, I've managed to curb my internet addiction a bit, and am no longer checking everyone's blogs daily.
As much as I loved it, it was taking up too much time.
I might also be blogging a bit less this year, so I have time for other things.
Next on the list is curbing my Facebook addiction.
I'll let you know how that goes, on Facebook!
The op-shopping habit continues, and is rapidly bankrupting me.
But a girl needs a hobby, am I right?



  1. What a wonderful collection of breakables. I love the Pyrex & the orange cotton bud thingy & the green glass. That fabric behind the glass & parfait dish is amazing! Xx

  2. Well you simply must not move house my dear! I'm going through the whole dreadful packing malarky right now, which has involved much in the way of moving things on to my favourite op shop. It's no fun at all. Your collection is simply divine! I had a similar pink pyrex dish with the same pattern and sadly it had a nasty meeting with the kitchen floor. I really should be getting off the 'puter and back to packing! xx

  3. I am a total sucker for vintage glassware so this collection is right up my alley, I love it ALL! I am not a mad lover of Pyrex, but have a couple of lidded dishes which I do actually use all the time, my snowflake dish is rectangular and blue so I like to think it's a bit special! The orange lidded jar and the 70s canister are brilliant, as is that amazing bubble light shade. And the little feet on the Deco fruit bowl are adorable. I see tons of pressed glassware in the charity shops here for next to nothing, and always really like it but have reached capacity... xxx

  4. What great selection of glass! the rose pyres casserole dish is just like one my Nana had and the pink one is gorgeous. The bubble light shade reminds me of house/flat I once lived in as a child. My glass collection is nearly all out of sight now as I do not have room to show. I do use quite a bit of my pressed glass - jugs and bowls etc. Yes I also remember a green lidded glass container with cotton wool in it in bathrooms as a child. Also Barbies converted to toilet roll holders... Love the photo of Lola on your side bar - she has a beautiful face.

  5. That is a lovely collection, I see a few familiar pieces amongst your collection - the pink pyrex divided dish (I have the same design), and the Art Deco fruit bowl. I love the Pyrex bowls in the rose design, I actually walked away from a set of three graduated lipped bowls in the rose pattern a few weeks ago, only because I have absolutely no room in my house to store them.
    I can certainly identify with you re the Op Shop habit! I am trying hard to make this year one where I'll show better self-control in the Op Shops. In the last two years I've kicked the Facebook addiction and the Ravelry addiction, but then I discovered Pinterest and THAT is seriously addictive, more so than checking out blogs every day!

  6. I am a real sucker for coloured glass, and am besotted by those first two lovelies!
    I've only recently become interested in Pyrex, and have just a few pieces, my favourite being a big pink bowl like your casserole-I think it has flowers, but I'm not sure.maybe not. Will have to look when I get home!
    I don't see an awful lot about, but it has to be in good nick for me to pick it up too. A lid is a bonus.They are obviously the things that break first!!!

  7. Oh my've just taken me back years!
    We had the bubble shade in our living room for years!
    I love the roses pyrex and the daisy jar :)

    I love rooting around charity shops for little bargains like those...
    Tilly x

  8. What a lovely collection of vintage housewares. I love that ice-esque clear vase. It's very magical!

  9. So many pretties - I need to come shopping in Dunedin - CLEARLY! I love that green one, I'm sure my mum used to have something similar. Also love all the pyrex - when did manufacturers decide kitchen wear must be SO DULL!

  10. Love those first two - bold and funky and terribly cheery. Not a fan of cut glass (shocking as Stourbridge, the home of crystal, is on the doorstep) and just don't get the thing with Pyrex - but thanks to bloggers I always buy it and flog it on! x

  11. Get the hexagonal clock valued! And for the top-heavy looking vase, just put some ornamental stones in the bottom (they may show through, with any luck), to weight it down. :-)


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