Sunday, 8 December 2013

Vintage knitting patterns

The vintage knitting or crochet pattern is a wonderful thing.
I found all of these in an op shop recently.
Some of these I chose for the hairstyles, some for the models' poses, and a couple just for the patterns.
"Is that a helmet on your head or have you been overdosing on the hairspray again?"

Heidi's all grown up.

Again with the helmet hair?

"Get that bloody hand off my shoulder or I'll throw you under the train!"

Over the page: "A quickie with fashion sense" - doesn't sound like any quickie I've ever had.
Not that I've ever had one of course, I am a lady.

My hairstyle was like the brunette's when I was about 5.
I take no credit, it was my mother's idea.

Note how she is mirroring the Labrador's expression.

"My dentist told me to stop grinding my teeth but I just can't help myself." 

The hair style is changing, with the ends tucked under rather than flicked out.
But the look is coy and demure.

"Ahh, I love to relax while my wife does the gardening after knitting our matching jumpers." 

"Look over there, Mum, it's a canal."

"Somebody get me out of fashion prison!"

"Mmm, your hair smells like lambies."
(Sorry, a NZ joke.)
"Is that a crochet hook in your pocket?"
I don't know what's going on with this woman's hair.
Patsy and Eddie, the early years.
Now these glasses are groovy, baby.


  1. You've got to smile at these posed cover shots!
    The scary thing for me is that I was in my teens when those last four crochet patterns were "in" and the patterns of that era are the only reason I learnt how to crochet! I'm cringing at the memory of thinking I was so cool wearing stuff like that!

  2. I think the photos for knitting/crochet patterns, like catalogues, are just so of their time, which makes them brilliant. Funny, but kind of poignant too... xxxx

  3. Egad!!!!! The crochet frocks!!!! My Nana crochet a frock for my brother's wedding when I was three - it was the same shade of pink as the first. Now I want the turquoise one. What an amazing collection!xoxo


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