Saturday, 23 November 2013

Help me, my house looks like an op shop...

I was blown away by the comments on my last blog post on Dad's crib in the Catlins. It seems that people love the nostalgia of a wee cottage by the sea, almost untouched by the 21st century.
My collecting started when my parents built a new house in 1974 and for the first time I had my own room, a blank canvas.
Mum chose the bright yellow, but I thought it was hideous. 
I made the patchwork quilt (now sadly given away).
I borrowed most of the antiques from Mum's collection, and some I still have.
The photo in the oval frame is of my great-grandmother, Eliza Jane Page, born in London in 1861.
Her father was a cook, and she met my great-grandfather when he was training to be a staircase-maker in London.
They married in Wellington NZ and my grandmother Violet was born three years later.
Fast-forward to 2013 and I have a full-blown obsession with antiques, vintage and retro.
Here are some treasures I've found lately.
First, the china: 
A Royal Doulton coffee jug I picked up very cheaply because it has a chip inside the rim.

A tiny Drioli Venetian cherry liqueur bottle, orange with white lava glaze spots.
I am so in love with it, I want to have its babies.
 Have you ever seen anything like it?
Crown Lynn un-named design side plate.
Balclutha Salvos. 

The Hornsea collection is slowly picking up.
Saffron sugar bowl.
An apple(?) wall plaque.

Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Benjamin Bunny side plate, Hospice shop. 

Cannes saucer by Hugh Casson for Midwinter Stylecraft.

The Presbyterian Shop on Carroll always wrap their goods in beautiful handmade fabric bags.
And inside this one was:

A slightly chipped but divine Gouda vase.

Here's some more Crown Lynn, the Mardi Gras pattern dinner plate.

The Red Cross shop in Balclutha (the best Red Cross shop I've ever been to, open 4 hours a week) were having a half price sale so I couldn't resist this Royal Standard "Rendezvous" trio for $7.50.
I don't usually collect cups and saucers, as the prices are getting ridiculous, but this is nice.

A modern Steiner sugar  bowl and creamer, from a second hand shop in Balclutha.
They remind me of mid-century American pottery such as Fiesta.

More Crown Lynn, a Nirvana side plate.
This design is based on the NZ red pohutukawa flower.

My Crown Lynn dinnerware collection is getting so big I decided to put it all together in this cupboard of awesomeness. 
All I want for Christmas is some new cupboards.
And now for the linen: 
A huge aqua rayon tablecloth with fruit, from the Hospice shop.

A fondue set teatowel, also from the HS.

A teatowel, with eggs and lemons, also from the HS.
From the Milton Hospice Shop came these never-used bags.
And a purple rose apron

A blue rose apron

And from the Balclutha Red Cross, a stained glass apron

Blue gingham and flower cotton pillowcase

And some lovely linen curtain fabric.
Now for some glassware: 
A Glasbake strawberry mug.
  A kitteh tray and a pyrex snowflake casserole.

A plastic Johnnie Walker figurine from a Milton second hand shop
And speaking of Milton, here's my friend S having a cuppa in the park next to... wait for it...

Two Squirrels, where I bought a gorgeous opal brooch.
Jeez I was having a bad hair day wasn't I?
Next week my stylist will attempt to remedy that with some blue highlights.



  1. Wow I love that sugar bowl and creamer! An amazing haul.

  2. lovely memories, thanks for sharing :)

  3. You're trying to kill me aren't you? I may have to buy a one way ticket to Dunedin where there are fabulous wenches like you, Squirrels (!!!), real seasons and fabulous retro bargains. Once you've had babies with the red bottle, I will happily be their godmother. xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Wow, what a lot of goodies! You certainly will be needing extra cupboards at this rate! Great ceramics, love the handles on the blue sugar bowl and milk jug, and the linens are fabulous. And how interesting to see your old room too.
    Two Squirrels, hurray! I would so love to visit those lovely people in their shop! xxxx

  5. I love that red lava thingy and I'm still kicking myself from walking away from a Cannes set at a car boot a few years ago 'cos i was too tight to pay a tenner! was I mad? Yes!
    Love the childhood room, you had great taste from an early age. xxx
    PS Safari suit? That is scary! xxx

  6. Oh my, what a stash! I think you might need me to take some of it off your hands! :) Love that kittie tray, the red lava thingy and the cannes plate. xx

  7. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I arrived in London last week and am finally getting around to catching up on blog reading.
    What incredible scores! I especially like those linens, the Crown Lynn pieces, and the blue sugarbowl and creamer. I don't find china nearly as interesting as that at my local thrift store. I will email you about the book list. Thanks!

  8. So many beautiful things...I don't know where to start! I love that kitty platter - adorable. Squee!! Two Squirrels!!

  9. I missed a chance to comment on your post while we were away at the weekend. So much eye candy in one post! I love your old room....especially that lamp and bedhead. That RD coffee pot is fab, love the pattern. Sweet Hornsea dish too. I love that retro style. I love the deep colour of the Steiner set, very mid century. And your cupboard of Crown Lynn is a feast for the eyes! Loving the second and third tea towels...such great colours. And hooray to seeing a pic of you at Squirrel HQ! You look so lovely, no bad hair to be seen. Xx


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