Saturday, 30 November 2013

Deer and other furry animals

I know we bloggers love our deer, so I thought I'd show you part of my (inanimate) animal collection.
(Warning: cuteness overload)
Deer and fawn, from Trade Me. 
A less realistic fawn!
Hornsea squirrel, fawn and rabbit vases
In their habitat
Seal pup

A sheep I inherited

Bunny egg cup

Obligatory kitten, from a jumble sale at work 
There are thousands of these horses around, but this one has huge sentimental value because I owned it when I was a child. 

I found this unicorn in a junk shop in Palmerston.

A koala jug I've had for years

I'm not sure what this animal is - maybe a squirrel?
Only two and a half weeks before my Christmas holiday and I can't wait to see the back of this year.
For various reasons it's been the year from hell!
I hope yours has been better.


  1. Yay! We have the same Vernon Ward print. What a fab collection of kitsch, the koala's my favourite! x

    1. You can never have too many Vernon Ward prints.

  2. You know I share in the love of deer. Your first one is very similar to the one I found at Timaru. I adore the Hornsea animals....they are SO sweet. I do hope 2014 is a better year for all. Xx

  3. Oh dear, sorry you've had a tough year, hope 2014 will be easier for you.
    So much animal sweetness! The deer are cute, despite being obligatoryahead the wee kitten and koala! xxxx

  4. Oh Violet, we should definitely start a deer /rabbit/kitten collectors club! The Hornsea vases are lovely, I have never seen three together before and their "habitat" is delightful with the Vernon Ward print and the clock. I also really like the kitten and the posture as if he is just about to pounce. - tell me though, if you could, where did you get the playing card cloth from? It looks like it is hand-embroidered. I am going to email you because I have a big holiday coming up and thought we could have another blogger catch-up.

    1. One of my grandmothers made the card cloth, I think. I have a couple like it, some very well used. They were made to cover those green baize folding card tables. Oh yes, let's catch up soon.

  5. My dear, I wish you a much, much better year in 2014. It's been such a challenge for me too, so tiring, emotionally exhausting, goodness I just want to kick it into history! Thank you so much for giving me some much-needed warm and fuzzies with a welcome viewing of your glorious collection. Perhaps the jug in the last pic is a possum? xoxo

    1. I hear you, Desiree, you speak the truth. And you could be right about the possum, you have some different varieties in Oz to the one we have here. As you know, they are a major pest here, so I might have to get rid of it!


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