Sunday, 17 November 2013

A seaside cottage in the Catlins

On Friday I drove south to the Catlins with a friend to stay in a crib (southern dialect for holiday house) which my father bought a few months ago.
The former owner has recently died, and Dad remembers visiting the crib when they were both children, and it was owned by her grandparents.
It is across the road from a crib my grandparents owned, and another one my parents owned.
He bought it with all the contents intact, and it's an eclectic mixture of eras from the Victorian to the 70s.  
The garden's a bit overgrown, but we didn't have time to try and tame it.
Note the huge cabbage tree on the left.
Here's a close up.
I bet it's cold in winter as there are few north-facing windows.
The conservatory.
Views out to sea and the Nuggets.
A jardinière in the conservatory. 
An art deco clock. 
A bizarre grumpy vase.

A dachshund letter-holder.

Part of a lovely Masons china set and some not so lovely mugs.

A frog vase, a Crown Lynn vase, and some blue and white china.

Kitchen canisters and a hilarious tea caddy. 
One of the bedrooms has a beautiful flower print and a silver rose.

Another bedroom with 70s curtain and duvet.

Some of the reading material : The poacher, Don't tempt the hangman, The big book of adventure stories, Chatterbox, Girls' crystal annual and White feather (Obligatory Blogger Deer alert!)
A girlie postcard from Tahiti and a card from Denmark.

There are candles everywhere, so there must be lots of power cuts!

An African figurine and an Italian plate.
I didn't get a good photo of the dining suite, but it's a lovely round Danish type table with white vinyl chairs.

Victorian vases and a Fisher & Paykel speaker.

The record player works, and there is some classic vinyl, including Cream and The Kinks.

A shot (lol) of the cocktail cabinet and easy chair.

A typical crib library.

A barometer and a Japanese music box.

Binoculars, keys, and a lovely piece of Poole pottery which I'm hoping Dad will give me!

Midnight at the oasis.

Al fresco seating.

A lovely Greek lady on a vase, and an early clock radio.

Edmund Dulac's fairy-book.

The modern rake's progress by Rebecca West, with illustrations by David Low.

Fairy gold by Edith Kovar.

Pyrex and some of the china: Cornish ware, Ridgway and Crown Lynn.

More china: Royal Winton, whisky jugs etc. and a gorgeous tablecloth.

 I love me some tablecloths.
Anodised pots on the rangette.

A lazy Susan full of condiments, with a tartan tray.

The aforementioned cocktail trolley.
Behind it is a print of the Nugget Point lighthouse.
I bet this house has seen some great parties.

Hand-crafted coat hangers. 
The beach is a minute's walk away.

The park bench was a touching memorial.

It was a beautiful still warm morning.
A lone swimmer was braving the cool water, but not for long!
I was not disappointed with the crib, it was chocka block with vintage crap treasure.
It needs a bit of renovation, but has potential to be a cosy retreat.
You wake up to the sound of the sea, and bellbirds too.
I felt grateful that the former owners had decided to sell it complete with all the contents, as it's an insight into the typical Kiwi crib.



  1. Very cool Sue, thanks for posting 😊

  2. lovely! What an amazing array of treasures!

  3. Oh I have been thinking of you and hoping the discovery of lots of treasures in the crib was a exciting one............and yay it was. So many great the table cloth too.
    Love V
    Thank you so much for popping into the shop......your friend didn't by chance leave a pair of brown shoes behind?

  4. What a great location, the beach looks beautiful. And so many quirky vintage treasures inside, what fun to see it all! Love the little cocktail trolley, I wish I had one of those! xxxx

  5. I have never heard anything but good aboutt he Catlins. I really must get there. And when I do, I want to stay HERE as it's just gorgeous and quirky and filled with wonder! XXX

    1. Thank you Helga, if it was up to me you could stay any time!

  6. so nice it's staying in the family. Awesome photos :)

  7. Wow - this crib is amazing, so authentic, especially the typical library. Love that tea caddy too.

  8. What an incredible place in a truly gorgeous location. I'm glad you cleared up "crib" for us, I thought you'd gone all gangster! x

    1. No the gangsters totally took that word from us Southerners!

  9. Once again you take me on a journey down that long memory lane of mine, all the way back to when I was a wee lass in the 70s, all eyes and ears. I can imagine the quiet, the stillness of the crib. A place where it's time to pause and take note of every tiny detail ... and rejoice at the amazing record player, albums and oh my gahhhhhhhhhhhd EVERYTHING!!! May you enjoy many hours of R&R at the crib! xoxoxoxxo

  10. Hi, What a beautiful place I didn't want the photo's to end. Such a wonderful restful place away from the hustle of life. I love the tablecloths and curtains and the cooker and the pots and pans, the crockery the whole décor is a mini time warp and I love it and can appreciate it all. I just popped over from The Secondhand years so glad I did I am off now to read some of your posts. Best wishes, dee x

  11. I have NO idea how I haven't commented on this post sooner....I had it sitting open on my computer for ages, basking in all the bach glory. I so enjoyed all of your pics. We visited the Caitlins and Nugget Point for the first time in Sept. Nugget Point was definitely the highlight, although the walk was much longer then I expected. It must be so peaceful to stay in that area. Love the art deco clock, the canisters and those doona's (as we call duvets). That drinks cabinet is fab...I love that style. You'll have to let me know if your Dad rents the crib out. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful place. Xx

    1. Let me know whenever you want to stay and I'll talk to him.


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