Saturday, 2 November 2013

A blast from last summer.

Now that the epic FOSSIC series is finished, I've been going through some old photos.
I realised how much I haven't featured in my blog yet.
So here's a blast from the past (way back in January).
A photo of my great-grandparents, and my great-aunt, in a reproduction frame.
A Bovril pin dish, probably a repro from the 70s.
Glass paperweight, advertising pianos, bought at auction.
Studio Meakin Florence sugar bowl from the Mosgiel Salvos.
I use this bowl all the time and I wish I had more from this set.

Cottage tea-pot.

Pink roses, on a crown Lynn plate, a coffee pot and coffee mug. 

Anemone print, from the Queenstown Salvos.

Portmeirion canister, from Queenstown Salvos.
Irish Mist decanter, from an antique shop which used to be in the Octagon.

Set of coloured glass dessert bowls, from the Invercargill Hospice shop.
Mirrored tray, had it for ages.

I love these whimsical ceramics from the 1950s.
The jug reminds me of the print on my cotton dress which I wore when I met Helga.

Dancing vegetables and sausage - pure gold!
Are they going to eat the meat being barbecued in the background?

A decanter and glasses from the Invercargill hospice shop.
Today was the South Dunedin market day so I dropped in to have a look.
It wasn't terribly exciting, unless you're a kid who's into bouncy castles, so took refuge in my favourite shop in South D, a tiny antique shop.
I love that shop, Brian always has some Crown Lynn, but I didn't buy any CL this time (no room for any more dinner sets).
I did get some Hornsea, Midwinter, Royal Doulton, an Italian lava vase, some fake pearls and a wall plaque, all for $30.
Then I went to the Hospice shop and got some table linen to die for, for $9.
Now I won't be able to buy any food for 4 days. 
Pix coming soon!
Indigo V.


  1. I have a bit of a backlog of old finds too. I love that set of 50's ceramics most of all. The print is so pretty & gay as they used to say! I'm looking forward to seeing your weekend finds. If only space wasn't at a premium I would keep on collecting forevermore! Xx

  2. I am a total sucker for vintage glassware do those dessert bowls are doing it for me! Love the 50s pottery and the canister too, and the photo of your great-grandparents is beautiful. xxx

  3. I love the grouping of the items in the first photo. As well as an avid collector you have an eye for displaying your treasure that looks as if they gravitated towards each other naturally. The vegetable plate with faces make me wonder if it was for a child - your comment about eating the bbq meat mad me snigger. :-)

  4. Ooo, you own some lovely things!
    I adore that photo, I'm a real sucker for old photos!!! XXX

  5. You must have an amazing home - so many pretties!

  6. Love the coffee pot and the dessert bowls - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. So pretty things you have in your collection! Love the tea-pot and that vegetables/sausage plate.

  8. beautiful collection - love that ceramic coffee pot. To have a photo of your ancestors is so cool. Taken in the 1890s, I'm guessing from the leg 'o mutton sleeves?

  9. oohhhh lovely 50's plates the dancing sausage one is fab and hard to find here I have the same plate above this I collect 50's plates well I collect lots of things from the 50's and 60's my whole house is designed around this period with a touch of 70's. You have some gorgeous things, dee x


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