Monday, 28 October 2013

The Dupre system - home dressmaking perfected - simplified

"Home dressmaking the Dupre way."
I found this 1930s book at a vintage sale in Oamaru.
It's in quite good condition for a seventy year old paperback.
The line drawings of 1930s fashion are beautiful.

Its former owner was Dorothy J. von Schramm.
"Most women give up dressmaking from bought patterns in despair."
 This evening dress has a wide circular collar, extending to a ruffle and bow at the back.
Some statuesque evening gowns.
Check out those flamenco sleeves!

Loving the cowl neck, half belt, gored skirt and v-shaped bodice on the left.
On the right, some unusual pockets and matching collar. 

So many lovely styles.

Jackets, coats, lingerie and blouses.

More jackets and coats.

They make it sound so easy.
At the back of the book is an Auckland address (33-34 H.B. Buildings, Queen Street).
I have searched the catalogues of all NZ libraries, the Australian National Library, and WorldCat, and none of them have a copy.
Neither Alibris nor Abebooks have a copy.
A copy was recently sold on Trade Me, but I don't know the price.
"Every woman should learn to cut and sew her own garments.
She can be an individualist and not one of dozens wearing dresses turned out by the gross."
I think that sums up quite nicely why we love vintage.


  1. "Dresses turned out by the gross"! No, they aren't for me! The dresses in these illustrations would be for me though, aren't they beautiful? xxx

  2. Oh I LOVE this - you are so lucky to find something so beautiful! It also sums up nicely why I sew. Fabulous!

  3. If it's out of copyright, you could sell digital copies. Just saying...


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