Sunday, 6 October 2013

Temuka to Christchurch (Helga-polis)- Operation FOSSIC

Today I feature stunning Cover Girl Helga Von Trollop!
But first the road trip continues.
Today I made the mistake of counting the number of second-hand purchases I made on my roadie and it was a sobering tally.
Do you think I need therapy?
Anyway, I found myself in Temuka,
bypassing my father's favourite shop The Bagpipe Centre for now,
and trying to ignore the home of Temuka Pottery,
and the fact that my mother's pedigree corgi was called Wicken of Temuka,
I found myself in Paws and Claws Op Shop.
For such a tiny town, the shop was buzzing.

A t-shirt with space invaders in the shape of NZ! $2.
For my non-NZ readers, Temuka is about half-way up the east coast of the Mainland.
 Rock'n'roll Rarotonga t-shirt, $2.
I'm probably the only person in NZ who hasn't been to Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands.

Brown & orange tablecloth, $4.
Gingham, flowers and spots, what more could you want?
I'm going to try some tablecloth couture.
By this time it was the extremely late hour of 4 p.m. and all other op shops in Temuka were closed (don't get me started) so you'll have to wait for the return trip to see what I got then.
I headed for Christchurch and booked into my cabin, which was fortuitously upgraded to an enormous and luxurious 3-room motel.
The next day I was nonchalantly having coffee chez Helga, who (need I say) has a designer abode.
How fabulous is a woman who invites a complete stranger to spend a day rifling though op shops with her?
At our first opshop, a staff member let us go in the staff entrance because she looked so stunning.

 We had lunch at this restaurant, which had interesting food, but was somewhat marred by its "hipster" background music.
Looking flabulous in my '40s cotton French market print dress. 
 Ahoy there, do I spot the paparazzi from Avenues magazine?
I had an amazing day, trying not to shriek at Helga's witticisms.
Those of you who follow her blog will not be surprised to learn she is clever and hilarious in real life too.
Thank you Helga from the bottom of my southern heart. 
 I only bought two things that day, a cute vintage apron for $2.50
 And a handmade jacket for $3.50.
I've been experimenting with selfies lately.
Trying not to show my face too much because I want to be an opshopping ninja.
A few days later, I took these photos of art and sculpture around Christchurch.


And on Sunday night I went to see Calexico, who were brilliant.



  1. Swooning with envy at your Helga experience and the finds from Temuka. The space invader tee shirt and the apron are amazing. I like the sculpture you photographed, especially the picture of the wood pigeon and the old paint sign.

  2. Such a great trip!! I REALLY need to get my butt to Christchurch again xoxox

  3. Isn't Temuka just the cutest??? I loved looking through Paws & Claws. The singing budgies at the counter captured my bird loving heart. And at 10am it was packed with people, all jostling for a good position! I love the funky tablecloth. And a date with Helga is ALWAYS a fabularse day. Xx

  4. How fabulous that you got to hang out with darling Helga!
    I have that table cloth in blue (via the Queen of Christchurch herself!) x

  5. You ARE an opshopping ninja, darling!
    The space invaders T is quite funky! I never wear the damn things though, they do nothing for my boobage!
    I'm crazy about that tablecloth. Indeed, some tablecloth couture really ought to happen from such a gorgeous printed thing!
    Loving your smarty arty pic of C1!
    The wood pigeon painting is just divoon. I love wood pigeons, they sound like helicopters!!
    YAY, it was a bloody splendid time and must be repeated!!!

  6. Okay, I understand your desire for maintaining ninja status - but at least show us more of you bod! That dress and jacket are divine. You made me click to see bigger views. We must have bigger views of you always.
    What a fun time you guys must have had. The space invaders NZ T is spectacular!!


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