Sunday, 27 October 2013

Geraldine to Temuka - Operation FOSSIC finale

The final day of my holiday dawned, and due to a combination of circumstances I found myself in Geraldine for the first time.
Tucked in under the Southern Alps, it was bustling with tourists.
In the antiques and gift shop, I found this obligatory blogger's deer.
It's unmarked, but the glaze looks like Blue Mountain Pottery. 
At the same shop was my second foray into Royal memorabilia. 
It's a QE2 coronation mug by Brentleigh.
Here's my earlier collectable, which I inherited.
A nice informal portrait.
I'm not a staunch royalist, but I've just read two books on the Queen's clothes, which were lovely back in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. 
I also picked up a couple of things at the op shop there.
A lilac crocheted rug

And a blouse with piped edges.
I turned up the collar, because the Canterbury uniform for females of a certain age is a turned up collar and pearls.
My final stop in the Great Road Trip that was Operation FOSSIC was Temuka.
This time I managed to find two more shops that were open!
A pair of funky peacock pillowcases from Salvos.

A retro print shirt.

and a silver pendant.

And from the antique shop, a groovy coffee mug (possibly recent)
And my favourite find of the day, a kitten picture for my collection.
Sadly by this time it was late and I had work the next day, so it was back to reality.
But I'll leave you with a shot of the bathroom at my Ashburton accommodation.
Fish and chips at twilight, Hampden beach, looking towards Moeraki.

A Pukeko mural. 
 I hope you've enjoyed Operation FOSSIC.
I know I did, but my collecting is getting a little out of control, so I've had to dial it back a bit in recent weeks.
My house has no cupboards, and I hate selling things.
I don't think I could ever be a dealer, although I have thought about it as a career option.
Yesterday in the op shop I spotted a dealer who has given me a hard time at my garage sales.
He was like a shark, quickly cruising the place and then out the door before I knew it.
I prefer to take my time and enjoy myself.
I'm currently watching Storage wars, and the dealers on it make me sick.
Why can't they all be like the lovely Two Squirrels of Milton?

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  1. I love that pillowcase and I totally know what you mean about no cupboards - our house is very much lacking in storage space. Yet I keep buying fabric & patterns!


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