Saturday, 12 October 2013

Finest swan feathers - Operation FOSSIC

Swans have as many as 25,000 feathers.
That's about the same as the number of items in my wardrobe.
But to keep it fresh, there's nothing quite like a fossick through second-hand or op shops.
However first on the agenda for that Sunday in Christchurch was Mission SWAN:
Not a Crown Lynn original, but a new one made by Studio Ceramics.
According to Val Monk, the Crown Lynn expert, "Studio Ceramics - who make the replicas - don't have the moulds that were used at Crown Lynn. Someone (not Studio Ceramics) made a mould from one of the Crown Lynn swans, and that is what the modern swans are derived from. So - apart from being smaller, they are close to the originals. But still not Crown Lynn..."
By the way, the Pixieland book behind the swan was my favourite book as a child, and I commissioned my friend KM to rebind it.
Incidentally, the wooden box underneath is actually a microscope in its case, which I inherited.

Compared with the original.
NZ ceramics reference books, mostly from the library.
The rest of the photos are from Toffs $2 warehouse and Savemart.
Flowered slip, $2.
Urban Stretch skirt with embroidered roses, $12.50..
Weinice Gold maxi skirt, $2.

Hand-made wood tweed coat, $12.

Vintage Lady Lichfield Fashion Knit skirt, $10. I can't bear to show you the hem, as someone has butchered it and it needs some TLC. But I love the print and it's genuine flower power I think.

Retro Quelque Australian Design dress, $10. (It was a good year for the roses!)

Vintage Southern Comfitt dress, $10.

Madison t-shirt, $7.

Millers top, $7. Also needs a remodel but I like the print.

Vintage Lurex knit maxi - Cecily for Young Moderns by Erin Ryder, $10.
Coincidentally, I found lots of blue and lots of roses.
It's quite a mixture of vintage, retro and modern.
The photos don't do them justice, but hopefully you get the general idea.
Now I need to wash them all, and my washing machine has died, after 30 years of service.
Fortunately the aforementioned KM has offered to sell me her washing machine!


  1. Aren't the Crown Lynn swans so pretty. I did enjoy that window display for the optometrist on New Regent Street with the swans. Great clothing finds, but my eye keeps being drawn to those shoes. Another pair of Minnie Coopers? I love the long sleeve dress on you too. Xx

    1. You're sweet. They are actually my only Minnie Coopers (so far!).

  2. Ah, so that's the difference between the replicas and the real thing. The silhouette of the swan is just gorgeous no matter whether they are the original or not. I did not know that swans have so many feathers. I do know that swans mate for life, so do you have a mate for your swan. Lovely finds on your FOSSIC expedition - you are right lots of roses and blue, and the maxi is fabulous. Pity about the washing machine, hope you get a replacement soon.

    1. I don't have a mate for my swan yet - although I saw a lovely flaming orange one in Timaru!
      By the way, I have to read all comments before they are published, because I've been getting a lot of spam.

  3. So many gorgeous colours and prints, you've been finding all sorts!
    Lovely swan too. xxxx

  4. I definetly have a bit of a crush on these swans...but G won;t have a bar of it! I'll live vicariously through you instead!
    Great assortment of frockage!!! Funny, my run of blue must have passed onto you?! XXX


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