Sunday, 20 October 2013

Farewell to Christchurch - Operation FOSSIC

My holiday nearly over, I manically visited all my old haunts in Christchurch.
What are you looking at?

Being of the wrong demographic, I have no idea who Emily the Strange is, but I love this vinyl bag!
I hate being looked at, but paradoxically love to wear interesting clothes, so I'm constantly at war with myself over whether I want to blend into the background or look really out there.
Anyone else have that problem or am I just psycho?
This little jug isn't my favourite colour (brown) but I love the sinuous leafed handle.
A pink and purple cup and saucer.
The light in this photo is amazing.
I don't know how I did it, my camera is a robot so it can take the credit.
I'm pretty sure this is a Crown Lynn coffee mug.
Don't you lurve the heart motif?
The evil troll in this shop charged me the same price for one cup as for four.
I couldn't see three more that I liked, so just the one thank you.
A wire cup and saucer stand.
The Crown Lynn cups and saucers were prepared earlier.
Talking of evil trolls, the troll in this shop charged me full price for the set, even though I didn't want the original hideous cups and saucers that came with it.
Luckily I accidentally dropped the saucers on the floor so they couldn't resell them.
I hasten to add that neither this shop nor the previous one were charity shops, they were private businesses.
I don't mind, in fact I am more than happy to support charity shops but the staff in warehouse-style second hand shops seem to have no concept of customer service.
A vinyl handbag in a cheerful shade of green.
A purple necklace.

And I couldn't resist photographing it on this gorgeous woven flax clutch I've had for years.
A cute tulip frame.
And this fabulous macramé book.
Of all the things you could make from macramé, why would you make a baby's jacket?
I've been doing a bit of soul-searching lately.
Deep questions like where is this blog going and what is its purpose?
Should each "episode" have a theme or should it be just what I've randomly found or photographed that week?
If you have any ideas, do let me know.
Today I attacked my spare room and afterward I think it looked even untidier than before.
But at least I found lots of things I'd forgotten I had.
Thanks for your support,


  1. I do like the organic shape of the jug, and cup and saucer and mug. Macramed baby clothes? How funny!
    Your blog is yours, to do what you want with, I don't think anyone else can tell you how it should be. There is no one way to do this, is there? No real rules. So don't fret about it, just do what comes naturally! xxxx

  2. I love your comment about loving interesting clothes, but hating being looked at. I'm getting more used to the side way glances & up & down looks. It really bothered me when I started wearing vintage. I love seeing your finds on the blog. As well as your travel/sightseeing posts. Those are the posts that usually draw me in. Of course I'd love to see more of you in your frocks, but I get being uncomfortable in front of the camera. I think do what you feel, & we your readers will follow you wherever you lead. Xx

  3. Ha, I don;t like to comment on whether or not you're pyscho, but I know what you mean. I don't dress for the attention I often receive! Sometimes I loathe being noticed, sometimes I don't mind and will bask in the attention. All depends on my mood.
    LOVE the Crown Lynn cups/saucers, and I agree about macrame-ing a baby jacket, I'd rather make something for myself, as I am a selfish COW!!!
    Ah, the blog question. We all go through it. I think if you just stay true to yourself, it's all gravy. XXX

  4. I LOVE that Emily the Strange Bag - what an awesome find. Also LOVE the macrame book. One of my mums friends taught me some basic macrame when I was a teenager, I made a few pot plant hangers. I wish I held onto the books though as they had the most HILARIOUS things in them. I remember one had a "belt for the shy hot pants wearer" which was basically the love child of macrame and a piupiu - I'm pretty no one would notice you were wearing hot pants in a "belt" like that!


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