Monday, 7 October 2013

Christchurch - Operation FOSSIC

On Friday I had started to believe that my mojo had left me and transferred itself to Helga.
I didn't mind that of course, who could blame it?
(Now it's back, and has given me more pleasure than a woman can stand.)
So the next day I decided to peruse the more rarefied air of Buchan St Retro.
Some of their prices were high, but I found a couple of bargains.
A set of Crown Lynn soup mugs.
Red, green, orange and yellow floral tablecloth.
(Oh yes, I love my tablecloths.)

A (1950s?) doll's wardrobe, with sliding doors and cute transfers, from the Ferry Rd SPCA.
Inside is a Twilight Barbie, with a faux leather coat which I bought new a few years ago.
I would have loved a wardrobe like this when I was a child.
Also from the same shop:
Royal Winton cake plate (have I mentioned my Royal Winton obsession?)
Tiny silk print of Pinky by Lawrence.

An apron made from ties, which I would love to make into a skirt.
The maker of this has gone to a lot of trouble to match the colours.

Diabetics look away now!
Tablecloth and cushion cover with hand-painted deer and squirrel.
"A hug a day keeps the lonelies away" 

Have I mentioned how I love rainbows?
I had to get these bangles, because I hardly ever find any that fit my massive paws.

A green and white vase in the Wedgewood style.

After a lovely gluten-free lunch in a garden centre café, it was onward to Ferry Road Antiques.
I spent so long there, drooling over everything, and I finally narrowed it down to three.
This Gibsons milk jug and sugar bowl which match the art deco teapot I bought a few years ago in Ashburton. 

An elephant Nutbrown pie funnel.
Mum collected pie funnels, and this one replaces one of hers which I stupidly sold.
I will call her Tricia.

Next time: lots and lots of clothes!


  1. I don't know what I like the best - those soup mugs are so cute, I love that wee elephant too. I would also love to have had that dolls house when I was little :)

  2. Ooh, I do love your funky tablecloth, what a fabulous print!
    I longed for proper Sindy?Barbie furniture like that wardrobe as a kid but had to make do with making stuff, a la Blue Peter...
    The shape of the teapot, jug and sugar bowl set is really pretty. xxxx

  3. OMG how much mojo came back to you - this post is amazing (and I can't wait to see all the clothes). You have a collectors eye, finding and buying items which match your existing collection. The teapot set is gorgeous and I think the elephant is so cute. Twilight Barbie is dressed as Victoria I think, I did not even know that they made Twilight Barbies!! The wardrobe is great - if I could shrink all my extra clothes then maybe I could rent it out! ;-)

  4. Oops forgot to say how much I love the cute bambi and squirrel set, "diabetics look away" made me snigger.

  5. And didn't your mojo come back with a BANG?!
    Glad you found a good deal at Buchan St Retro...there's the odd good price, but you have to look real hard! XXX


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