Sunday, 29 September 2013

Timaru - Operation FOSSIC part 5

Still reeling from the glories of the Hospice Shop, I found the Red Cross Shop very underwhelming, and didn't choose anything there.
The St Vincent De Paul was a lot larger, more welcoming and buzzing with people.
Woollen (?) Green knit, $5.

Skirt, $1.
This was actually in the fill-a bag-for-$2 section but I didn't want a bag of rags!

Pink and black voile top, $5.

Petticoat from Savemart, $6.
Last week spring seemed to be in the air, so I took a few outfit photos.
Everything I wore was op-shopped, except for shoes and underwear. 
Black velvet jacket
Orange brooch
Flowered chiffon top
Black satin ruffled skirt

Green cardigan
Yellow brooch
Nautical print dress
Green tights
Blue Minnie Cooper shoes (retail)
Sombrero dress (lovely to wear, doesn't crease, and smells like grass!)
Orange beads
Coral necklace
Brown cardigan
See you soon, at Temuka.


  1. I dream of owning a pair of Minnie Cooper shoes. Silly me didn't buy a green pair of lace up shoes last year. I thought $200 was a lot of money, but I've regretted it ever since! I love your last two frocks & their collars. I can't wait to see your Temuka post! Xx

    1. MC shoes are the best, and comfy too. V. expensive but we're worth it.

  2. Love the green fabric and the brown massive flower one in the previous post. I had that flower bag and only recently sold it! x

    1. They will only prise it from my cold dead hands.
      I must say that when I saw the flower curtain I thought of you!

  3. That green fabric is heavenly! It looks like the same kind of fabric as a frock I got at Retro Funk last year.
    I would love a close up of that nautical print! Good to see the sombrero print out!! Gawd I love it! XXX

  4. I want that fabric!! That sombrero print is the BEST!

  5. Love that green fabric in the first pic, and the sombrero print, gorgeous! xxxx

  6. That sombrero dress!! I love it! Feeling jealous about your finds (not that I should, given the haul I've had lately!!)


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