Sunday, 29 September 2013

Timaru - Operation FOSSIC part 4

The ladies in the Sally Army shop told me about the Hospice shop a few blocks away.
I have never seen a more beautiful op shop!
It looked more like an antique shop, with tasteful colour-themed displays everywhere.
Their prices were a little high, which might explain why they had so much stock.
(I did my best to declutter it.)
A mint condition beaded floral bag, $15.
(Very similar to the peacock bag I bought a few months ago.)
 A painting by E. Norrish for my father.
Peach bracelet, $5
Glass bead necklace, $5.

Pink, red and orange spotted and striped scarf, $10.
It's not long enough for my taste, so I'm going to chop it in half and sew the ends together.
Timaru was stunning, with the sea on one side and the snow-capped Southern Alps on the other.
One more post about Timaru coming up, then it's on to Temuka.


  1. Ahhhhh.....Lurve the beaded bag. It's fantastic!!!! Xx

  2. I am still envious over that bag, and always will be! Can't get over how great a condition it's in!!! How did your Father like the painting?! XXX

    1. He hasn't seen it yet, I can't bring myself to drive 4 hours each way just yet. The motel manager liked it though!


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