Sunday, 29 September 2013

Timaru - Operation FOSSIC part 3

Late on day 2, I crossed over the border into Canterbury and was searched by armed border guards  checked into my accommodation.
A chilly but uneventful night, except for falling off the step and nearly breaking my leg.
My plan for the day was to start with an op shop I remembered from several years ago.
Quelle horreur, it had morphed into a pluty interior design store!
Fortunately, the manager was a friendly type and wrote out screeds of instructions for finding the local Armee du Salut (Salvation Army).
 Royal Winton plate, $5
Leaf brooch, $3.
I have a large collection of Royal Winton, I absolutely love it, and I've never seen this design before.
 Just plain evil without my coffee mug, $1.
Curtain with massive flowers, $6.
Coming up next: more Timaru treasure.


  1. I love the fact we often followed the same path on our trips. I was so looking forward to that Timaru op shop that is now a design store....BOO! But I made the Captain drive me to the Salvos, I only wish I'd known about the Hospice store too! I found a beautiful deer figurine at Salvos for $2, & an old bedspread for $1. Great prices at that one! The Royal Winton plate is gorgeous as is the brooch. Xx

    1. I know, we could be twins. Now I know why I didn't find any deer in Timmers, you were there before me!

  2. Bahahaha, that coffee mug is brillant! Is that Ann-Margret or a Russ Meyer vixen on there?! The plate is just lovely, and I already loved the brooch and curtain in person! XXX


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