Sunday, 22 September 2013

Oamaru - Operation FOSSIC part 2.

Continuing my slow trek north, I stopped at the Oamaru Furniture Family Store.
I'd never been there before, as it's slightly out of town, and closes early.
I found a beautiful black and white decanter, which cold be 1970s Scandinavian, for $6.
 A very grey spring day with a light drizzle.
And a Bovril cup marked Bristol for $1 (I love vintage advertising ware).
A contemporary Jo Howard (a Dunedin artist) blue porcelain beaker and spoon for $1.50 (she was robbed!).
A short distance north is a second hand shop, whose name escapes me, where I found a Crown Lynn Dorothy Thorpe Pine dinner plate for $5.
It's a dark grey/blue with lilac craquelure decoration.
St. Vincent de Paul is on the other side of town.
I found a beautiful green, blue and purple possum fur and wool scarf for $2.
Possums are a massive threat to our native flora and fauna, so I don't mind wearing it.
I also pounced on a plastic Bambi plaque for 50c.
It's marked Manufactured by Harrison Jeavons & Co., Ltd., King St., Leicester. LE8 3LS, Walt Disney Productions.
OBD no. 2 and another overload of cuteness!
My final stop was the Waitaki Trading Post.
This lovely bit of turquoise, pink and gold fabric was free!
I first saw this Rorstrand Pomona casserole there nine months ago, but didn't get it then because it was slightly damaged.
Now I have done my research and snapped it up because of its gorgeous design.
It was hidden under a pile of junk and marked $3.
A red, orange, purple and green Marie plate made by Westminster in Australia, $10.
And finally for the day, a cushion cover embroidered with a stag's head and thistles for $2.
I'm thinking of framing it, as I have too many cushions.
OBD no. 3!
Coming up next time: some Timaru treasure.


  1. Beautiful decanter, and I love that casserole dish and the bright floral print on the plate. And look at Bambi, all the way from Leceister,mow funny that it was made in the UK. xxxx

    1. It was strange that I saw three of those floral plates in different towns, but this was the best.

  2. Wow what great treasures......the decanter is amazing.
    Yay to V

    1. Yes, I'd love to know who made it. It looks a little like Holmegaard.

  3. That decanter is beautiful, very Scandi-looking. I'd have snapped that up in an instant! x

  4. EEEEK!The fabric, the casserole, the Marie plate and the embroidery are just singing to me!!! I especially love that casserole........gorgeous! XXX

    1. I'm afraid I might be starting a Rorstrand collection!

  5. Free fabric? I love seeing those two works together! I love that decanter, so beautiful and Bambi of course. I can't help but think you must have a kitchen full of amazing crockery :)

  6. You know how I feel about the old OBD....I love the Bambi plaque, but I really love the cushion cover. I'm so glad I'm not alone in travelling the countryside in search of op shops. That fabric is gorgeous too! Xx

  7. Wow, you got some great stuff. I love the 70's decanter. I will have to venture down to Oamaru to check out the op shops some time.


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