Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Another Vintage Roundup

A few weeks ago I attended the Vintage Roundup Fair, held in the Lone Star, a former Texan-themed restaurant in all its pseudo-adobe gloriousness.

You might recognise the Two Squirrels, who are about to open a new shop in Milton:
 I was very restrained and only bought a starfish brooch from them, which I forgot to photograph.
I was trying to save money for Operation FOSSIC (Fabulous Opshops and Secondhand Shops In Canterbury - stay tuned for my next post!)

A rack of Squirrel treasure.
One of the stalls had a fantastic hat collection.
In unrelated news, I made a crochet hook holder.
I couldn't believe how well it turned out, because I made up the pattern as I went along.
It cost me absolutely nothing, as the fabric was a gift and the bias binding was from my nana's stash. 

Having just returned from week-long operation FOSSIC, I have lots of photography to catch up on.
I bought so many thrifty finds that I will have to break them down into several posts.
Oh, and I met the gorgeously inspirational Helga Von Trollop - details soon!


  1. I'm amazed you could resist that rack of Squirrel treasure, it looks amazing! x

    1. Wait till you see what I didn't resist on my road trip last week!

  2. Ahh, the delightful Squirrels! How nice to see Vanessa and Warren at the fair with all their vintage treasure.
    Your crochet hook holder is a great idea, and so very neatly done!
    Saw you over at Helga's, how fab to meet up. xxxx

    1. Thank you, I love having my crochet hooks in order. Call me slightly CDO (OCD in alphabetical order!)

  3. Operation FOSSIC!!! Dang, wish I'd known that.....!!!
    Love the crochet hook holder, great fabric and THE best way to store the little buggers!
    I'm gagging for your next post! XXX

  4. How wonderful to be able to go to the Vintage Roundup. I wish we'd timed our trip so that I could attend! I hope we might be able to catchup next time we're over too. How I'm missing Dunedin. Looking forward to your next post....Helga dates are fantastic! Xx

  5. Yay Susan........thank you for featuring the squirrels and for finding a treasure. The crochet hook holder is fabulous.
    So looking forward to your pics with the scrumptious Miss Helga.
    Love V

  6. Yah! This looks like a fun event!! Also your crochet hook cozy looks fabulous.


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