Sunday, 18 August 2013

Green roses for a green lady

At a school fair last autumn I bought a red velvet top with green appliqued roses which didn't fit me. I justified it by planning to give it to a friend, but the other day I decided to refashion it into a collar.

I've safety-pinned the collar to a brown cardigan, but it will look just as good on my green, red, black or navy ones.
I might change it by chopping off the corner roses - what do you think?
I cut the velvet roses off the collar and sleeve of the original top:
and hand sewed them onto a black felt backing, tidying up most of the loose ends.
I've worn it once and got some compliments, and it feels good to wear, a bold statement.
It's got an Edwardian look I think.
Although I was reluctant to change the original garment, it needed a lot of mending, I knew I would never wear it and the red crushed velvet was not my thing. 
The next day I was also in a green mood so this was my outfit:
Green/blue Silk Alike shirt with cubist pattern, op shopped.
Green/grey Lurex crimplene skirt, part of a suit, hand made, from Trade me.
Green plastic beads, op shopped.
Gino Vittelli shoes, op shopped.
This picture reminds me I really need some green tights and shoes but had to make do with brown.
Speaking of green, here are some recent purchases, after a road trip south:
Green and white Art deco barkcloth curtains from the Balclutha Red Cross, $2.

Green, turquoise and grey apron from the Balclutha Sally Army, $2.

Green, orange and yellow shirt from the Dunedin Sally Army.

Green and grey fabric from the Mosgiel Hospice Shop.
I never realised how well green and grey go together but hopefully these photos show they do!
In the title I said I was a green lady, but in reality I have got a long way to go.
On the plus side I use public transport, am a part-time vegetarian, make some of my clothes, and buy recycled goods.
On the minus side I have a car, a large house, hardly ever use my bike, eat and drink more than I need, and buy more than I need (even if it is second hand - does that count?) 
I've just seen a thought-provoking documentary called The Human Scale.
Here's the synopsis from IMDB:
"50 % of the world's population lives in urban areas. By 2050 this will increase to 80%. Life in a mega city is both enchanting and problematic. Today we face peak oil, climate change, loneliness and severe health issues due to our way of life. But why? The Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl has studied human behavior in cities through 40 years. He has documented how modern cities repel human interaction, and argues that we can build cities in a way, which takes human needs for inclusion and intimacy into account. THE HUMAN SCALE meets thinkers, architects and urban planners across the globe. It questions our assumptions about modernity, exploring what happens when we put people into the center of our planning."
The last fifth was about the demolition and re-planning of Christchurch after the earthquakes, which I found very moving. I'm glad they've put a limit of seven stories in the city centre, but it could have been even lower.
Stay green my lovely readers,


  1. Great idea upcycling that top! My gym trainer saw that movie the human scale and told me about it, really does sound fascinating. I love that green and gray fabric too.

    1. Not a big fan of grey by itself but it goes well with green.

  2. I am a total green girl....but for me it's about the colour rather then the planet! I love all of your finds, & I completely agree that green & grey is a wonderful combination. Xx

  3. Hurray, outfit pics! Love what your did with the rose collar - I think I might be tempted to take off those two extra roses, but it looks great as it is.
    Love that lurex skirt and all your fabulous finds, so many cool prints and fabrics. xxxx

  4. Oooooh I do love your DIY collar and I can see you wearing it with so many other colours, as you say. Bloody marvellous! Well to me, more is more, so I would find it hard to bear to lose the corner roses ... why not move them down so they make the collar longer? I'm completely drooling over your incredible green fabrics ... my favourite colour ever! I'm not as green as I used to be as I've lived a very unsettled life for the past few years, even though I've stayed in one spot. I miss my compost heap and gardens. xoxo

    1. What a brilliant idea, I might try that.
      There's nothing wrong with an unsettled life if it's a wonderfully creative one like yours.

  5. I didn´t know that, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    How interesting, and such a small world.
    I love your gold roses and value your friendship.

  6. OMG...that top was to die was so cute! But sometimes things don't look the way we think they will...great idea to turn it into a collar...very creative xx


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