Saturday, 13 July 2013

A winter shag

It can be all too easy to hibernate during the winter, so today I decided to go on a road trip south.
I have been reading about the Milton potteries, so I hopped in the car to visit the area, which is half an hour from Dunedin, and its op shops, antique shops and museum.
My first stop was at Lake Waihola, which looked amazing in the frost and mist.
Sorry about the picture quality, but I forgot my camera so these were taken on my phone.

 A tree on the lakeshore which is hollowed out at the roots.
 Shags on the pontoon, with seagulls on the shore.
You thought I meant the other sort of shag, didn't you?

 A hoar frost on the reeds
 Native flax or harakeke

 If you look really hard, you can see four beautiful black swans swimming

 A frozen puddle

The Ewing Phosphate Co. Ltd., just north of Milton.
There's something I really love about the shape of this building.
Unfortunately, the dairy farmer is using it as a toxic waste dump at the moment.
It's for sale if anyone feels like restoring it!
It's not in the best location, as the main railway line runs next to it.
The paddock in front of it's a bit of a swamp, so it's fortunate it was frozen solid.

 Milton itself was a bit disappointing, as both op shops and the museum were closed for the weekend.
I found this cute swallow brooch at the antique shop.
After lunch at the Black Swan tearooms at Waihola, I headed west to Outram.
 I found this beautiful Finnish Arabia canister in the antique shop there.
Then I went through Milton but all the op shops were closed (story of my life).
 Back to Dunedin, and you can always rely on the Hospice shop there to be open on SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS!
I found a Crown Lynn Topaz jug.
 And I'm in love with my tan leather Louis Cardini handbag!
It's practically brand new.
Alas, I found no obligatory bloggers' deer this time, although I did buy some adorable squirrel, faun and rabbit Hornsea vases off the internet which I will photograph as soon as the days get a bit longer.


  1. So many great finds and wow its SO BEAUTIFUL down there! I wish I lived in the South Island!!

    1. Haha, it's a different story today - sleeting!

  2. Do not apologise for photos that are this beautiful, I mean it, they are gorgeous. You picked a great day to go on a road trip. I have always liked the Ewing Phosphate Co building too - it would make a great cafe / vintage house hold and garden centre type place.....if I won Lotto. Pity the Milton shops were closed, but what a great score at the Hospice shop, the bag is amazing and the jug is a classic.

  3. Oh rats the Milton shops were closed....I found the best dresses there last week.
    I do the the leather handbag....good old Hospice Shop.
    The pics of the Lake are just lovely.
    Love V

  4. You've made my heart sick for Dunedin. I loved seeing your photos. That frozen puddle looks so strange, kind of like a jelly fish! I love that old building too. We've never stopped for proper pics as we're always on such a tight schedule while traveling. I'm hoping I'll get to have a wee look at the Milton op shops next visit too. I love the brooch (no surprises there I'm sure!) and I do love a bit of tan leather! I hope you survive another cold one tonight!
    Love Leisa. Xx

  5. Your photos of the lake are just beautiful, what a lovely place.
    The canister is very groovy, and a good quality tan leather bag is always a great find! xxxx

  6. Beautiful photos! Looks so serene!

  7. I most certainly would be into revealing my opshop sources!
    When are you up? Will you be here on a Friday, and would you like to go on a jaunt? No worries if you would simply like a list of my favourite haunts! X


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