Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Midwinter moment

On Saturday I met my fellow blogger Penny-Rose for the first time, for a short road trip to Otago Peninsula.
We had a great time and I feel like I've known her for ages.
 The first stop was the legendary Broad Bay China.
Not just china, they stock linen, glassware, sewing notions, jewellery, silver, and all manner of small antiques.
 I never realised that Penny-Rose was a serious glass collector.
She was very temped by some of these pieces and I had to admire her restraint!
 Just a tiny part of the china selection.
Sometimes it's so busy in the shop you can hardly move.

 Lots of lovely birds for Vintage Bird Girl to look at!
Can you spot the obligatory blogger deer on the middle shelf?
No, I didn't buy it, sadly.

I confess I bought rather a lot of pottery - mainly Crown Lynn (of course) and Midwinter.
We needed a cuppa at MacAndrew Bay and took in the lovely views of the birds and harbour.
Here's some of my finds.
 A stunning hand-painted green and yellow Midwinter plate. This one's a classic.
 A groovy Midwinter coffee pot (yes, I really do need a fifth coffee pot!) and oval plate.

 Two flamenco dance plaster plaques which I bought over the internet. They arrived a bit chipped so if you know how to repair them, please let me know.

 A Midwinter saucer with a Meakin cup, and a Crown Lynn Capistrano saucer with a Colour Glaze cup.
A Johnson Seafare cup and saucer.
Crown Lynn made similar pink cups which are very collectable because the pink glaze was hard to get right.
A beautiful pink and brown rose tablecloth.
All in all, a perfect Saturday afternoon - thanks, Penny-Rose!
On Sunday, I took lots of photos - for future posts.
My battery is about to die, so ta-ta for now.


  1. Oh hooray for blogger meet ups! When Penny-Rose said she was meeting someone, I had an inkling it might be you. Broad Bay China looks like quite the shop. So many tempting things including birds AND deers! I love your purchases. You must have quite an impressive collection. Xx

  2. Blogger meet ups never disappoint! How lovely to spend an afternoon shopping with Penny-Rose. Mind you, I would have been too scared to move in that shop for fear of knocking something off the shelves with my bum or my bag - it's crammed so full of stuff!
    Love the 1950s Midwinter plate and the coffee pot. And the mis-matched but perfectly suited cups and saucers are so pretty. xxxx

  3. How fun you two got to hang out together! I love all the pottery you bought - especially those flamenco dancers. Sorry to hear they got chipped :(

  4. Hello, what a great post about our meet up!!! I had such a lovely afternoon - it was so good to spend time with someone that likes all things vintage like me!! Yes I was restrained about the glass - but space is at a premium in my house at the moment. You took some lovely photos and I am going to go back and edit my post so I link back to this post! Thank you for such a great time and I hope we get to meet up again. PS the Midwinter saucer on the left is Sienna, the same design as the tea set I have!!

  5. Blogger meet-ups rarely disappoint! I'm glad you had a lovely day! That shop is a right old treasure trove! x

  6. Oh yay what a perfect day.....I have always wanted to go to that day.
    Look at all the wonderful treasure.
    Great have the time with someone who loves vintage to.
    Love V

  7. wow, I love that sea themed cup and saucer, the pink with those sea greens is gorgeous


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