Sunday, 30 June 2013

More Crown Lynn pottery, kitsch and bargains

I want to show you some wee treasures I found this weekend. 
 A tiny fawn on a toadstool which is actually a bell.
$4 from Broad Bay China.
Embroidered card table cloth, inherited from Nana.
 A little sewing box, also $4 from BBC.
On another inherited (unfinished) embroidery)
It has a beautiful red satin lining. 

 Some bits of broken jewellery, $2 from BBC (my fave shop).
 Crown Lynn Colour Glaze mismatched green trio, about $9 from BBC. 
Seersucker tablecloth, inherited.
Wine coloured Meakin duo, $6 from BBC.
Ironically cheaper than Crown Lynn, even though I'm pretty sure that CL copied Meakin.
Embroidered tray cloth, inherited.
Valerie Ringer Monk's new book on Crown Lynn is still not in my hot little hands - because local booksellers didn't get enough copies to fill all their pre-orders.
No wonder shoppers are deserting bookshops in favour of the internets.

Black lace gloves, $4 from BBC.
Sorry about my enormous paws, I really do have body issues with them.
Red, black and pearly necklace, $8 from BBC.
My neck is one part of my 52 year old body I can tolerate.
Crown Lynn Bunny cups and saucer, bought online for $10 each.
That's more than I would have liked to pay.
I justify it by knowing that I am in my second childhood.
Sitting on a cheerful scarf from the Hospice Shop.
Silvery bronze vinyl handbag, $2 from the Presbyterian op shop.
It's just the right size for my wallet and keys, and has a wrist strap. 
In the background is some (seventies?) orange black and silver fabric from the Vintage Roundup fair a few weeks ago.
It was right next to my peacock bag!
The PSSA were having a half price sale, so I also got this beautiful fur collar (see below), for $8.
I can't remember where I got the gorgeous purple and pink diagonal check 70s fabric.
It was weird because there were hardly any customers, and still lots of stock left at half price.
I think their original prices were way too high, e.g. $80 for a coat, and that's why their turnover was so low.
I go there every couple of weeks, and you see the same things there all the time.
Part of the joy of op-shopping is when you see new things.
If I wanted to see the same old shite every week I would shop retail.
Last week The Paperbag Princess was having a closing down sale.
I think their retail model was flawed - most of their stock was second-hand high street junk on commission.
The sale was depressing - huge piles of flimsy clothes on the floor, mostly of very poor quality, which people were fossicking through.
I just think it's disrespectful to throw your stock on the floor.
Again, it was originally over-priced, which is why they were over-stocked.
Sorry about another rant, but I feel strongly about this.
What do you think?
A close friend is retiring soon, and I wanted to buy her something special.
I had resigned myself to spending hours in department or design stores looking for something, when I remembered there was a craft market on in Northeast Valley.
It was brilliant, there was so much amazing handmade stuff there.
I eventually decided on this red and bronze brooch :
 Speaking of jewellery, here's another recent online purchase:
Not the koala bear, she was gifted by my Aunty Beryl from Australia when I was little.
A pink and gold necklace, brooch and earrings for $26.
The Indian embroidery in the background was also a recent online purchase.
Love them all.
LOVE this photo, she looks like the Queen of Koalas.
Goodbye my friends and thanks for reading.


  1. The market was great! Next time come and say "Hi"!

  2. Firstly, I love the wee deer bell. Super kitsch cute! The sewing box is lovely, as is the green trio set. And I'm right there with you when it comes to bling! I loved visiting the Auckland Paper Bag Princess a few years ago, but the past two years when we've visited on our holiday, it's been so blah. Nothing much except for worn out chain store clothing for big prices. Shopping off the floor is really not much fun. Do I want to buy something everyone else has trampled on??? It's a pity they didn't last too long in Dunedin. Xx

    1. I knew you would love the deer, after seeing your collection! Are you coming to Dunedin this year? Would love to meet you.

  3. I'm not sure if you know this, but Paper Bag Princess is actually the shop Recycle Boutique sends the stuff nobody wants to! You know when you take stuff there and they say 'do you want to take this stuff back if it doesn't sell or we'll donate it to charity?', Paper Bag Princess is their 'charity'. So no wonder it's all utter crap. We have one here and it is truly junky.

    1. That's interesting - incidentally the Dunedin shop used to be called Recycle Boutique so the connection fits. I've actually found some good stuff in the Wellington shop but nothing in Auckland.

  4. I also love love the deer - I made a silent SQUEE when I saw it because I am naughtily commenting while I am at work. The koala bear is lovely with her necklance brooch and earrings. So cute. Yes, Paper Bag Princess was a dump when I went last week. Piles of clothes on a damp basement floor do not induce me to buy. But I did rummage and found one item I liked. I need to find this Broad Bay China shop - your finds are lovely. Also, what about a blogger meet-up?

    1. Yes please! I've left a message for you.

  5. oh the deer is so cute.......what fabulous finds!!!!
    I went to the 'Paper bag Princess' Sale....oh I am with was horrible...piles and piles of clothes.
    The market looks great....I must go next time.
    love V

  6. Such a sweet little deer, love the sewing basket and the gloves. You don't have big hands - not compared to me anyway! I have big hands that match my big head - vintage gloves and hats are a problem! The fabrics behind the bag and the collar are beautiful too.
    I get irritated with charity shops which price too high, then the stuff sits on the rails for weeks on end. There is one shop I go in which has had the same few vintage dresses, even after they have been reduced in price, for weeks and weeks. Surely keeping the prices lower and shifting the stock so there is always something new is a better strategy? I think so! xxxxx

    1. I have a big head and feet too - it is hard to find a fitting accessory.
      We have charity shops here which have the same dresses for months and months. It gets a bit tiresome...

  7. An obligatory blogging deer - no self respecting blogger should be without one! My hands are massive, I wear men's Tibetan rings and got laughed out of a shoe shop in Malaysia as my feet weren't considered ladylike.
    I thought Vampire Weekend were capable but dull and Ben Howard doesn't appeal - different folks for different folks I suppose. Laura Mvula was on the Pyramid Stage (check her out on YouTube - she's amazing and a billion times better than boring old Adele). Glastonbury has over 100 stages and there were loads of different acts but the BBC obviously goes for the mainstream to appeal. x

    1. I've gone crazy on obligatory deer, squirrels and rabbits lately. No cute woodland creature is safe.
      Yes, I liked Laura on Graham Norton. We didn't even get to see the Stones! Copyright issues I suppose.


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