Sunday, 16 June 2013


I haven't gone out of my way to collect bird-related objects, it must have happened subconsciously. Although I did inherit quite a lot from my mother, who was an even bigger collector than me. 
Recently, Vintage Bird Girl shared her amazing collection, which pipped me at the post.
She must have been reading my bird brain.
It's amazing how different our collections are though.
Are you ready?
 Pukeko are swamp hens which have immigrated to NZ from Australia. I don't know how they did it, as they aren't brilliant flyers.
I commissioned this painting from my nephew when he was about twelve.
A pukeko tea towel, (bought new - bad form, but I just love them).
A tiny pukeko brooch.
A painting of a takahe, a rare NZ bird, by Robert Scott, a musician in The Clean and The Bats. Bought from a gallery in Dunedin. 
A Choysa tea tin, with a pukeko on the right corner.

A large iridescent blue Bushells tea caddy, $10 from a Hampden shop.

The kiwi is of course our beloved national symbol.
I found these metal and wood bookends years ago in St. Andrews St Traders.
A ceramic kiwi, ironically made in Japan.
50c from a jumble sale.
A tiny kiwi brooch with NZ flag.
A plastic kiwi money box from the BNZ, and a biscuit tin given to me by my sister.
A kereru or wood pigeon, Arthur St., Dunedin.
Native to NZ and quite large, about 50 cm in length.
Sometimes the fruit they eat can ferment in their crop, they get drunk, and they fall out of trees.
These hand-blown glass Bols liqueur miniatures were inherited from my grandparents.
I particularly like the toucan. The toucan and the puffin would have to be my favourite birds.

The beaded peacock bag from my last post, resplendent with new $4 handles.
$5 from the Vintage Roundup Fair.

A turquoise? peacock brooch, inherited.
A ceramic owl candle-holder, inherited.

Owly pillowcases, Gore op-shop.
 Eagle t-shirt, $5, Roxburgh second-hand shop.
Eagle brooch, inherited.
Sculpture, near Queenstown.
 Sculptures seen in Melbourne.
 Swan vase, just keeping the shelf warm until I get a Crown Lynn one.
Vernon Ward swan print, $20 for two, Trade Me. 
Another Vernon Ward swan print, $16, Trade Me.

Ceramic rooster, $5, Green Island antique shop.

Tin egg, inherited.

Ceramic egg cup, inherited.

Large ceramic rooster, inherited.

Small ceramic rooster, inherited.

Woven chook pot holder, Trade Aid shop.

Bread and butter plate, op shop somewhere. 

Denby soup bowl, $3.50.

Bowl, op-shoped.

Sculpture, seen near Queenstown.
Pin dish, inherited. 

Plate with cane handle, Gore op shop.
 Plastic clothes peg.

Bone china cream jug, part of a set of cups and saucers, inherited.

Blackbird pie funnel. Mum had an amazing collection of these.

Kookaburra butter dish, $25 from antique shop.

 Cute little fellow, from an Arrowtown craft gallery.

Tapestry, inherited.

Coffee mug, possibly by Rosemary McQueen, $2 from an op shop. 

 This little bird vase is unmarked, but looks like Temuka ware. I love the spotted glaze.
$5 from a second hand shop.

Metal necklace.

Plastic bluebird brooch. Probably the first piece of jewellery I ever bought.

Ceramic tile, Petone op shop.

Me wearing my sequinned parrot top.
You would be forgiven for thinking I am a complete twitcher, but I actually don't know much about birds, I just find them appealing.
Unlike Vintage Bird Girl, I've never wanted to own a real one, unless it was a peacock.
Has everyone had those dreams where you can fly?
One of my favourite comedies is Portlandia, and they did a fantastic skit called "Put a bird on it". You must watch it: We put birds on things.


  1. Thanks for sharing your bird collection. I have a bit of a thing for pukekos too. They are such funny birds, & I DO adore cheeky kia's as well. I'm particularly fond of your tins, the peacock bag, the blackbird pie funnel, the blue brooch & that colourful tile trivet. I had to watch the "put a bird on it" episode again.....what a crack up! And so true when you enter any homewares shop lately. And yes I dream of flying all the time, although my flying action is more like a swimming breaststroke or something! Love Leisa. Xx

  2. Great collection! St Andrews St Traders was my favourite shop!Nearly all my best scores were from there. I might have to do a post on my birdies too!

  3. So so so many beautiful birds!
    The bookends, tin, bag, Vernon Ward prints and tile are all gorgeous. xxx

    1. Thank you. I am watching an online auction for an eggcup the same as the tile pattern - currently at $7.50.

  4. So we're almost bag twins and I have the same Vernon Ward print. People hate them here, mine was £1 (the seller wanted to give it away but I demanded he accepted a small donation!)
    The tile looks like Gaytime from Lord Nelson pottery, I have a few ceramics in the series!
    I'd love a peacock! x

    1. Vernon Ward is expensive here - usually over $50.
      The tile could also be Villeroy & Boch Acapulco - I'll have to look up Gaytime.
      I've also started collecting Arabesque!

  5. I also 'curate' a collection, only cats, owls and shells are my thing. People just don't get us, but I think your collection is just wonderful! All the best, Emma.


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