Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ten things I love about autumn.

Yesterday was the most perfect autumn day in the South.
I call them one-layer days (i.e. one layer of clothing).
You can tell by the blue sky in the photo below.
I celebrated by going to the Farmers' Market and a couple of op shops.
Then I took about 100 photos, and then chilled out with a couple of Shingle Peak sauvignon blancs.
It's so hard to narrow it down, but here are ten things I love about autumn:

Home-made flowered dress and teal cardigan from Dunedin Salvos.
Do you like my model, Sindy?
She's named after my Sindy doll because they are both missing a head.

 Autumn leaf frock by Lady Lichfield, from Mosgiel Butterflies Shop.
Not as nice as Vanessa's divine autumn dress, check hers out!
Annah Stretton burgundy velvet top with appliqued green roses, $10 from a school fair.
She is my favourite NZ designer, and I have several of her beautiful garments.
An embroidered and sequinned scarf.
A gift from India from intrepid traveller Suzanne.

My Ziera boots, which I call my f-off boots.
 A cosy pink NZ wool blanket, from Gore Salvos, with hand-painted plate.

A fun-fur blanket in incredibly lurid colours from Wellington Salvos.
My home-made blue and purple flowered duvet cover, from the Hospice shop.
Owl pillowcases and yellow and green pillowcases from a recent road trip to Gore Salvos.
I have been inspired by Vintage Bird Girl  and  Vintage Sheet Addict to find more of these gorgeous sheets, especially the cotton or linen ones.
 Autumn leaves framing the cenotaph, adorned with wreaths on Anzac Day.
After this, we went on an inspirational guided walk celebrating Dunedin's Heritage Festival.
I'll tell you more about that in a future post.

 A cup of tea from my art deco "Le Moulin Rouge Barker Bros" teapot.
$15 from a second hand shop in South Dunedin.
Actually it's too precious to use, and has a tiny chip in it, so I just drool over it.

A bientot mes petits choux!


  1. Oh sweet your Autumn floral dress is just yummy....would love to see you in it. Lots of fabulous treasure's....the tea-pot is amazing.
    Hoping you have had a wonderful weekend.
    Thanks for the link.
    love V

    1. Thank you, as soon as I get a tripod or an accomplice I will take some photos of me.

  2. Oh my look at that gorgeous velvet top, it utterly STUNNING!! Oh the pink woollen blanket blasts me straight into a time-warp and I'm eight again! Every girl needs a pair of f***-off boots and your's are amazing - I love the length!! The scarf is incredible and the cenotaph looks so pretty in the glorious sunshine:) xoxo

  3. So many lovely things....I love the first maxi frock and I seriously WANT a pair of those boots! LOVE them. I love the linen as well. I almost hope I stop finding such lovely sheets because I find it so hard to leave them behind. I'll bet you I would be adoring autumn in NZ as well. How I wish we had that here in Qld, instead of an extension of summer! Xx

    1. I have to admit there is a downside to autumn - the last 2 days have been wet and wild. But today is sunny again! Next week I go to Hamilton which should be a bit warmer.
      Lovely to hear from you, and I totally agree about the sheets.

  4. So many things to love! The dresses are beautiful, and that velvet top is stunning. Fab boots, gorgeous bedding, and a very stylish tea pot! xxxx

  5. Hehe I like the f-off boots. The velvet top is just lovely and I really like the brown dress and teal cardigan. Would you be interested in a blogger catch up? Let me know via comments and I can send you my email address. Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. I most certainly would be interested! Let's get in touch in a week, as I'm away next week. Lovely to hear from you.


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