Saturday, 25 May 2013

Euclid have been a contender

I was an unusual child - I loved geometry. I haven't given it a second thought since school, but I'm very drawn to the geometric shapes of art deco.
 A dress I found in a tiny op shop in Oamaru.

A t-shirt with a scooped and tied back neck, scored in an Invercargill op shop.

 This silk shirt was $1 from the Salvation Army.

 A velvet vest, possibly from the seventies, which I don't wear much as the print on it is quite scratchy. But I love the pattern.

 This crazy dress is from the eighties. I picked it up at a tiny op shop in the middle of nowhere between Invercargill and Riverton. I haven't actually been brave enough to wear this one yet!

 A chiffon number which I customised by sewing on the diamante and lace trim.

 Another velvet vest, which cost an exorbitant $20 from Toffs. I call her Klimt. She's a mid-thigh length which I think is too long to wear with trousers, so I wear her with a knee length skirt.

Another geometric delight from my Invercargill jaunt, awaiting some surgery on the sleeves. I can't abide flappy sleeves!

 Some more geometry - the bridge over the Clutha River at Clyde.

 A drain cover on the side of the road in Central Otago, giving me the evil eye.

 Last week I was in Hamilton, and I visited three op shops there but nothing rocked my world (sorry Hamiltownies). 

Today, back in the south, autumn has finally arrived with a vengeance and this morning it was cold enough to freeze the ovaries off a brass monkey.  I decided to go to some garage sales, but didn't see anything I liked.  So surprise surprise, I went op-shopping, and also to the shop at the dump resource recovery centre.

I found some roman blinds, sheets, a towel, fabric, a 1975 dress pattern, a dress, a top, a jacket, 2 necklaces, 4 crystal glasses, a ceramic rooster and baby seal, a beaded evening bag, a bag with wooden handles, and a "log" vase. And yesterday I foolishly went to my beloved Weir's Furniture Corner, and bought two scarf holders and a decanter. Yes, I know I have been very naughty, but in my defence, your honour, I had a week to catch up on. As soon as I have photographed them, I will bore  you  share them with you.

Violet XXX


  1. A great selection of geometrical patterns - you have a good eye for patterns. I love the 1980s geometric and black dress. It sounds like you scored some amazing things at the recycle centre, I haven't been there for ages and ages. Hope you are keeping warm!!

    1. Thanks - actually most of the stuff came from Mosgiel op shops, only the pattern and wine glasses were from the "former" dump!

  2. You could NEVER bore me with your treasure-hunting finds ... I adore the first frock so much, doesn't it look amazing against the red bricks? There you go, two geometric designs. Klimt is gorgeous!!! xoxo

    1. It's lovely to hear that you appreciate my treasure.

  3. What are you doing? Wear the fabulous 80s thing already! The colours are FABULOUS!!!

    Sarah xxx

    1. The colours are great, I think I'll call it Split Enz. Unfortunately I won't be wearing it today as it's SNOWING!

  4. All the colours and prints are great. I agree with Sarah, wear the 80s dress - put a belt round it and wear it with some boots if you think it needs toning down a little.
    It's neither boring nor naughty to op/secondhand shop - it's wonderful! xxx

  5. Thanks, I will wear it as soon as it stops snowing! I agree, second-hand shopping is wonderful, and not an expensive hobby at all.

  6. Great hunting!! ANd isn't it funny that if you'd seen that for $20 at a 'regular' shop it would have been an absolute bargain - but at an oppie $20 seems very steep!

    Next time you're in Hamilton I'll show you where the op shops are that you should get to!!!!

    Great to hear Val M is writing a new book - yay! She commented on my blog so I'm stoked! I LOVE her blog. It's so fascinating. She's a real expert!

    1. Thanks - I was in Hamilton for work and didn't have a car, so only hit up the oppies nearest to town.
      Val is definitely a CL guru!


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