Saturday, 11 May 2013

Crown Lynn - Kiwiana pottery

Today I discovered some Crown Lynn pieces I didn't even know I had :
I inherited this seahorse wall pocket from my Mum.
I'm not sure which of my grandmothers she inherited it from - probably Dad's mother Ella.
 I found these little Golden Bouquet dessert bowls in a Milton op shop for $2 each.
I'm guessing they are from the 1950s, and I adore them.
A quintessentially 1970s side plate from the Hospice Shop.
 Yellow roses on a Kelston Potteries trio, $6.
 A green Ascot plate, "inspired" by Carlton Ware.
Found in my cupboard, op-shopped long ago.
A cute 1970s Ovenproof Cookware casserole, $5 from a Gore op shop.
If you're going to collect Crown Lynn, it pays to swot up on all the different back stamps.
They must have used hundreds.
Today, being Saturday, I had good intentions to save my money for a trip I'm taking to Hamilton. However I failed miserably at that, and bought a painting from my friend Mike, and this amazing book:
With bold needle and thread : adventures in vintage needlecraft, by Rosemary McLeod.
Luckily I only spent $8 in the Hospice shop.
Bad Violet!


  1. Oh yes those desert bowls are simply divine! Magical!! I'm very familiar with the Kelston Potteries set, nearly every home seemed to have that set, but I'm sure I'm exaggerating. I went to Kelston Girls High School. xo

    1. You are right - there was probably a law passed forcing everyone to buy it!

  2. really a nice post:)


  3. Love those 1950s roses, aren't they pretty? But the 70s stuff is great too. I am always coming across stuff I had forgotten about, often bought as gifts for friends, squirrelled away, and promptly forgotten! xxxx

  4. Ooh I love the gorgeous seahorse wall vase - and the light switch! The 70s floral plate calls my name...

    Sarah xxx

    1. Thanks.
      Last night a similar wall vase, in worse condition, sold on Trade Me for $163!


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