Saturday, 20 April 2013

When all else fails, ACCESSORISE.

I don't know about you, but I can't resist a good vintage accessory.
These are some, mostly picked up in the last few months.
This is a divine neck-piece I found in the Presbyterian op shop.
It's a beaten gold-ish metal with a black cabochon in the middle.
It vaguely reminds me of a Celtic torc, and I wouldn't be surprised if the exquisite Helga has one similar. 
The little bird tapestry in the background was bought in Europe by my parents.
I collect all things made of mother-of-pearl and this is a compact I bought from Trade Me.
It's marked  AGME Switzerland.
 This adorable 1970s plastic and cardboard mirror was found in a high cupboard in my kitchen.
It must have been hidden there by a former owner, but why is a mystery.
This scarf came from an op shop in Queenstown and is being modelled by Ella, a sweetly weird little statue I inherited from my grandmother Ella.
I think she kept her in her sunny hallway, surrounded by lots of pot plants.
 This leather backpack is from a Queenstown op shop.
I have named her Chocolate Wheaten after a brand of biscuits.
 This picture encompasses four of my collections in one: shell necklaces, art deco mirrors, sewing machines and postcards!
The card was a gift from my friend Kath.
 "Fly" sunglasses, also from Q'town, with an African hat which I think I bought in Chicago.
Some of my ridiculous collection of necklaces is in the background.
 A page from my 1980s scarf book, 50c from a Petone shop.
A Vogue hat pattern, also from Petone, which one day I will get around to making, perhaps if I get fired!
Yes I had a dreadful week at work but living in Bloglandia and talking to my friends and drinking lots of wine has saved my sanity.
Today I had a wonderful day op-shopping and when I get around to photographing everything will show you my spoils.
XXX Violet.
p.s. I have changed my blog name to Indigo Violet Vintage, because there is another blogger with a similar name to me.


  1. I want to make the beret from the Vogue pattern NOW!! You have picked up some delicious delectables and ooooh I do wonder why that scrumptious mirror was hiding? It's a mystery! I love Ella and snooping through your lovely collections too. What are the chances of killing two birds with one stone with the sewing machine postcard? Heeheee! xo

    1. Now that you mention it, Ella is very you with her miniskirt and flirtatious demeanour! Maybe I'll do some more photo shoots with her.

  2. Ooh, that necklace is indeed very Helga and quite divooon, as she would say! So are the compact and cute kitsch mirror, how funny to discover it hiding in your cupboard!
    Hope next week is a better one at work, and looking forward to seeing what treasures you picked up on your op shop travels. xxx

  3. lovely jewelery darling. liz

  4. uauwowowowowowowowo the mirror is wonderful ^o^


    ps: now I follow you:)


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