Tuesday, 9 April 2013

On Crown Lynn pottery, and a musical pilgrimage.

Lately I've been indulging my inner collector, and my Crown Lynn collection is in danger of taking over the asylum. The company made pottery in Auckland, NZ, between 1854 and 1989, and their pottery was ubiquitous when I was growing up. Valerie Monk has written a history of the company, and also has an excellent blog, Crown Lynn with Valerie.

This is a cream jug from a Fleurette dinner set I have inherited. It was a Crown Lynn knockoff of the British Simpsons Belle Fiore design (of which I have also inherited a large collection). We children used them all the time, never dreaming how expensive they would become!
I used to think some of their designs were not to my taste, but my tastes have changed and I love most of them now.
 This shallow vase looks circular but it's actually oval (inherited from Nana). In the background is a set of placemats.
 Bought for $5 about ten years ago, complete with plastic flowers.

 Nautilus vase, origin lost in the mists of time...

 Not stamped as CL but it was in the CL section at Broad Bay China. ($5).

$4 from an Oamaru op shop (I love the caramelly colour).

 Soup mugs, $2 each from the Hospice Shop (I love the shape, and it's hard to find mugs this big)

NOT a Crown Lynn swan as I am still saving up for one! This one cost $4 from the Hospice shop. A Crown Lynn one would cost up to $1000 these days.
Various plates:

 Hospice shop again (my home away from home).

 Apparently this plum colour is quite rare. $4 each from Broad Bay China.

 Queenstown Salvos.

 50c from a school fair.

In other news, on Friday I flew to Wellington for the Wilco concert and it was totally worth it - my new favourite band. Mavis Staples was on first too.
 Wilco flight cases tucked away in a corner of the town hall.

Sorry about the photo quality but I didn't have my camera with me - doh!
The next day I flew home for the Paul Simon and Rufus Wainwright concert (this is a big deal, as artists like them never come to Dunedin any more). My one-word review: Amazing.
Paul Simon

Finally (are you still there?) a shot of my lovely flatmate Lola with her new glittery velvet Sydney cushion ($5 from the Hospice Shop). Her bitch-face reminds me of Helga's cat.


  1. Oh yes, cats give the best bitchface - especially naughty torties!
    What a lovely collection of Crown Lynn pottery (not a make I knew until I started blogging). All the fabulous floral plates are my favourites, especially the funky 1960-70s ones.
    Paul Simon? You lucky thing! Actually I would happily see all those artists. xxxx

  2. What fabulous finds, Oh I love Crown Lynn pottery..... You must have some great pieces. The price of the swans is MAD!!!!
    Paul Simon must have been fantastic, yay!!!!
    Love V

    1. Paul Simon was someone who crept up on me, I usually prefer less mainstream artists. But when his tour was announced I realised what a fan I secretly was!

  3. I lived and went to school near New Lynn where Crown Lynn pottery was made. I still remember the huge red brick factory with its chimneys near the bus station. All of your plates lived in various houses I visited or lived in and it's just so amazing to see such a wonderful selection here in one place! I haven't lived in NZ since I left in 1986 and didn't know the factory had closed. Such a shame. You've been having adventures!!! I love the pic of puss on the beautiful rug with the gorgeous velvet fringed cushie:) xoxo

    1. It's so nice to find someone who speaks Crown Lynn. It's sad the factory has closed, but a company in Christchurch has acquired the brand name and are making some pieces in homage to the early stuff. I also love the jewellery that some people are making out of broken bits of plates.

  4. Ooh that nautilus vase is stunning! I love me some crown lynn too, but i'm all about the colourglaze x

    1. Yes, colourglaze is gorgeous, I wish I had started collecting it years ago when it was cheap.

  5. What a lovely Crown Lynn collection. Love some of your plates and I'd love to have a swan too. Cx


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