Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Vintage roundup

Last weekend I went to the Vintage Roundup, which was a vintage fair held in the former Manhattan Lounge, the same space where my friend Kath had her wedding reception many years ago.
It has had a chequered past, including being a theatre and a pole-dancing studio.
Oops, you can almost see me reflected in the window. Wouldn't want to break my rule of no self-portraits!
These lovely stallholders were having a coffee break outside.
The stone wall borders the garden of the Temple Gallery, which was formerly Dunedin's Synagogue.
Moving on up the stairs...
I was sorely tempted by this hoard of vintage fabric, especially the zig-zag one (which looked much more lurid in real life) but my stash is already too big and I cannot lie.
Not pictured: a divine collection of vinyl airline bags.
A nice little collection of bits and bobs.
The trader had made some gorgeous luggage tags out of old felt souvenir badges, and some tiny wee felt dolls.
It was a fantastic fair, although the dresses I coveted were too expensive for me.
I did buy a lovely piece of jewellery which I will show you some other time.


  1. It looks like you had a great day. I always love to see what people sell. dee :-)

  2. Can't beat a good vintage fair, though the prices can be high. The stalls look lovely. Looking forward to seeing the piece of jewellery you bought. Btw, why no self-portraits? I'm curious! xxx

    1. Ha ha, let's just say I'm no supermodel like you!

  3. oh it was the best fun!!! I am so in love with the dress I found at it. I can't wait to see what you found.
    love V


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