Sunday, 24 March 2013

From geek to chic : vintage by Modern Miss

"From geek to chic" was a vintage fashion show held recently at our public library (insert librarian joke here).
It was part of Dunedin's ID fashion week, and showcased clothes from a local vintage shop called Modern Miss. 
The proprietor happens to be also called Violet, but I assure you it is not me!
Although I take issue with the title (I know all the models and none of them are geeks), it was a fabulous show.
It even made the front page of the local rag, the ODT (warning: article contains rampant abuse of "librarian" clichés).

I have cropped out the models' faces, as some of them were reluctant models! Please email me if you would like a better picture.
As someone who has had many relatives affected by cancer, as well as myself, I supported the Relay for Life, which is a Cancer Society fundraiser where teams have to walk around a track, in relays, for 24 hours. Some of the teams had amazing costumes, and here are some of the best ones:

That's all for now - I am on holiday, which means I may take a few road trips for more vintage shopping!


  1. Oh what great dresses!!!!! Looks like a fabulous show!!!!
    Have a wonderful holiday finding great vintage treasure.
    love V

  2. Why thank you Ms V, you would have been in your element!

  3. I scare myself by thinking of just how fabulous that 80's number is... is PINK, so GLITTERY!

    1. It simply couldn't be more pink or more glittery! Divine.

  4. The models, however reluctant, look beautiful - so many gorgeous dresses! It looks like a fabulous event. The relay fundraiser sounds great too. Enjoy your time off and your vintage

  5. What a fabulous show!!!
    Not sure where the geek comes in!

    1. I know - Only one of them works in IT!

  6. Hello lovely Violet! I've got you down on the blogroll! I look forward in checking in! -Bella Q

  7. Definitely not my idea of a geek!
    Love the pink sequins. Have a great trip. x


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