Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blues is the truth

Indigo, denim, cornflower, azure, cobalt, midnight, periwinkle, sapphire, blue steel, teal, turquoise, true blue, I love them all.
In fact one of my nicknames is Blue (long story).
Yesterday I wore this t-shirt to the gym and a toddler pointed at me and said "Santa!"
Now I know I'm not the most svelte of gym-goers but that was just harsh.
But I still love the eagle and the lightning strike.
$5 from a funky op shop in Roxburgh.
I haven't worn this one yet as it's a little big and I need to alter it.
I love the colours though.
From a Queenstown op shop.
This shirt has a gorgeous feather print.
It's too warm to wear it yet - we've been having a mini heat wave - no complaints here!
$1.50 from the world's tiniest op-shop just out of Invercargill.
Hei-tiki inspired birthday card from last year.
A cute plastic hydrangea tray.
$4 from Queenstown op shop.
Yellow and blue flowered fabric.
$1 from Invercargill Hospice shop.
Vintage fabric - I think the flowers are black-eyed susans.
This weekend I almost finished sewing a dress from a 60s pattern.
I just have the hand-sewing to complete.
It's quite an achievement as it's taken me a couple of months from go to whoa.
Photos coming soon.
Bye-bye from Blue!


  1. I'm so glad I've found your blog. My heart beat a little faster when you mentioned those familiar op shops. I love the ones in Rox. It's just a pity Queenstown doesn't have more, then it would really be the perfect place! My hubby & I travel to NZ for a holiday each year now our sister has married a Kiwi & lives in Auckland. But our hearts are with the South Island. Lovely finds, you know I love a bit of vintage linen. Xx

  2. Hi VBG, that is high praise coming from you! The South Island is indeed beautiful but today autumn suddenly arrived and I've just had to turn on my (non-vintage) electric blanket.


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