Sunday, 24 February 2013

Arguing that black is white

When I was little, my parents once said that I would argue that black was white.
Well I tried to convince them that black was indeed white, but I doubt they agreed with my logic.
In honour of that impeccable logic, I present to you my latest monochrome vintage finds.
I couldn't believe my luck when I found this apron at an op shop.
It's marked "50 % cotton, 50 % PVC, Kaleidoscope, made in England, Sally Gregory (Hesper)".
It looks like an original 1970s print of the Pied Piper.
Sheer Virtu tunic with an art deco lace print.
Vamp paisley top.
"Veronica Scott patterns for Elizabeth the dressmaking doll"
Includes patterns for a 19 inch Pedigree doll's halter-neck evening dress, housecoat, petticoat and cami-knicker.
Published by Style Patterns Ltd., 4, Gt. Portland Street, London, W. 1.
My mother had a similar dress in the 1950s, in bright coral satin.
Hers was human-size though! I wish she'd kept it.
Sadly she's no longer sround to argue with, but I bet she's enjoying the peace and quiet.


  1. Ooh that Pied Piper apron is amazing!!! Sarah xxx

  2. Love the apron! I have been on the lookout for a similar apron.

  3. Oh the print on that apron is amazing!
    I can be argumentative too. I prefer to call is asking legitimate questions and challenging foolishness! And boy there is a lot of foolishness around...
    That little doll's pattern is beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate your comments. And finally - someone who has heard of Richard Thompson! I love all the Richard and Linda albums too, and Teddy (have seen him live as well). Makes me long to have a musical family, but so far, the kids are letting me down badly!
    Love Curtise xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ms. Caring! I have been enjoying your blog for a few months now.
      I was sure Richard T would be a household name in dear old Blighty. I love Sandy Denny as well.
      I have found that musical taste doesn't always run in families - for example my Dad plays the bagpipes and none of us kids do. I've got nothing against them, I just don't want to play them! But I'm glad I grew up in a house where all sorts of different music was playing.


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