Tuesday, 15 January 2013

More vintage treasure

Postcards are one of the many things I collect - here is my current favourite (although only a repro):

A ruffled satin skirt for $20

An original 70s shower curtain and plastic Caroma stool for $6

A 70s wrap maxi skirt $6

Beautiful blue brocade coat

Red El-Jay ultrasuede coat. Holy grail!

Peach 80s top - haven't had the nerve to wear this yet. Too soon?

Knit rose top

Green nana cardigan

Linen monochrome shirt

Flower top

"Egyptian" t-shirt

Blue suit

Turquoise dress

Embroidered Indian dress

70s (?) dressing gown

Liberty style shirt

Paisley cami and cardi

Cowl-necked top I made

Crushed cardi




Tina fridge magnets (I own a large version of the one on the left)

I adore this patchwork pompom toaster cosy.

Tata for now and stay cool across the ditch!


  1. Hi, thank you for stopping by at mine and leaving a lovely comment. Wow you really did find a load of goodies, love the shower curtain and the white stool. dee x

    1. Thank you. Those plastic stools used to be quite common here in the 70s but I have been looking for one for ages. And I love the colours and print on the curtain too.

  2. I'm dreaming of coats & cardigans. I love the blue coat & the cardigan & wrap skirt, & of course I adore the bling too. Leisa Xx

  3. I have to confess I haven't worn them yet but it will be cool enough soon.
    We had a pink party at work, to raise money for cancer research the other day, so I wore the coral top, it's even brighter in real life!


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