Wednesday, 28 November 2012

More true fabric confessions: lace, stripes and trees.

Sometimes I think I like to look at and feel fabric more than I like sewing. Kinky non?
For me sewing is fraught with frustration, and disaster is all too frequent.
Okay, disaster is too strong a word, because it's not brain surgery after all.
But although the outcome can be satisfying, the actual process is not all that relaxing for me, especially since my eyesight is so bad.
 Although I do find hand-sewing quite enjoyable.
So that's why I have such a big fabric and pattern stash.
Nowadays most of my fabric is vintage so it's much more affordable, and I feel like I'm doing a bit of good by recycling.
A pink lace which I inherited and am not sure what to do with. The colour's a bit blah but might look good with a contrasting lining.
This check also cost me zilch. It will need a special pattern to make it stand out from the crowd but I'm not sure I can pull off culottes! I have plenty so can use it on the bias.

I love this wavy cotton which I got from Spotlight, it looks kind of African. With Nana's dress pattern.

Stripes and flowers - what more could you ask for? This one has a Horrockses vibe. Shown with one of my patterns from the 70s.
Zany polyester with Nana's old nightie pattern.

A bizarre permanent pleat which looks like bark! Barking mad.

A lovely soft cotton green and cream stripe, which was Mum's 60s tablecloth.
A cross between a floral patchwork and a stripe - too much? With Nana's dress pattern.
A classic Chinese brocade. Loving that coat.
A divine blue velvet with Nana's swing coat pattern.
Thanks everyone for looking at my blog. I've been doing it for nearly three months so far, and I've learnt so much already. I really appreciate the comments people have left.

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