Sunday, 4 November 2012

More fabric fabulousness.

OK, you've seen my beloved vintage florals and paisleys. Since I have recently travelled to NZ's most cosmopolitan city, Auckland, I thought I'd show you some of my fabrics from different parts of the world. (Did my segue work? No? Sorry about that.)
This is a light cotton map print which is supposed to be used for quilting, but one day I will make a skirt or dress. I am toying with the idea of lining or interlining the skirt to give it more body.
(Most of these patterns I bought on Trade Me.)

An Indonesian rayon sarong which I have had for years. I'm liking the '50s vibe.

An Indonesian batik from my mother's stash. I love the diagonal stripes and I'm thinking about using it on the bias. I've had the Vogue pattern for years but haven't made it up yet.

A cotton batik I found in Melbourne recently - I love the sky-blue background. Today I started making this dress in a flowered and spotted fabric. 

I bought this seahorse print at the annual First Church fabric fair. It's a gorgeous lavender blue.

A fish print from the same fair.

An ikat from my mother's stash, with a strange Simplicity pattern which looks a bit like pajamas!
Having been out of town for a few days, I have missed my favourite blogs, e.g. Bag and a beret ; Helga ; the fashionable bureaucrat ; two squirrels ; vintage vixen ; misfit and the secondhand years.
To make up for my lack of internet, I re-read Groupie by Jenny Fabian and Johnny Byrne. It's a fascinating fictionalised look at the rock music scene in London in the 1960s. The protagonist Katie takes an amazing amount of abuse from the men in her life. Quite apart from being at her boyfriend's sexual beck and call, she is expected to clean his room and cook for him. She retaliates by sleeping with other people and it all makes me think it's less like free love than a tedious merry-go-round. It was still a very entertaining read, and quite a classic of its time.

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