Monday, 17 September 2012

Melbourne part 4, now with more retro fashion.

Here are some more retro items I hoovered up on my recent Melbourne holiday:
My new apron, because I am a domestic goddess (not)
Purple chiffon top with lacy yoke, and blue circular skirt with deep yoke
Purple lacy cardigan and apple green linen skirt
Flowered chiffon dress with 3-tiered skirt
Punk Mona Lisa t-shirt
Black embroidered top and sequined circle skirt
Lesser pink spotted chiffon top
Brown jacket with Peter pan collar, tan stripes and delectable Hong Kong seams.
A psychedelic zebra!
Brocade top, which is so badly made it is unravelling already
Divine green and blue silk brocade coat with wide revere collar (buttonholes required major surgery)
Black crinkly chiffon shirt with white art deco print and bell sleeves
Black knit off-the-shoulder cowl neck top
Woolen Victorian bowling nana cardigan
Ta-ta for now,


  1. What a haul! Love the Mona Lisa tee and the brocade coat best but all of the finds are fabulous! I've just clocked your Biba icon, have you seen my blog today? x

    1. So jealous of that dress and it suits you so well! Not many Biba clothes made it to this side of the world, I wager, but I would give up my brocade coat for one. I remember poring over British mags back in the day and drooling over the Biba photos.

  2. Hey, when are you going to put up a list of all the things you bought that don't fit???

    1. Ha ha, my family knows what they are getting for Christmas now!


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