Sunday, 23 September 2012

Melbourne- does the love affair continue?

I did leave a piece of my heart in Melbourne, but I'm not emigrating just yet.
I brought back some fabulous DVDs of the TV series based on the Phryne Fisher murder mysteries (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries). They are set in Melbourne in the 1920s and are sort of a feminist version of Midsomer Murders, only with far better clothes. My friends are all lining up to borrow them when I've finished watching them, because they're not available in NZ yet.

Here are some books I am currently reading - all highly recommended :
100 years of fashion by Cally Blackman has got the most amazing photos - from glamourous gowns to dungarees and everything in between.
Knitting: fashion, industry, craft by Sandy Black.

African costumes and textiles from the Berbers to the Zulus.
Home sewn, by the New Zealand Fashion Museum. This includes a short introduction on the history of home dressmaking, interviews with ten fashion designers, and ten patterns to make.
 My favourite photo from the book, because of the lovely spotted fabric.
Schiaparelli & Prada : impossible conversations.
Sew serendipity, by Kay Whitt.
1950s fashion print by Marnie Fogg.
Vintage jewellery by Caroline Cox.
Radical lace & subversive knitting by the Museum of Arts & Design.
Books glorious books.
Violet XXX

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