Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mad dash to Melbourne day 1

Recently I enjoyed a few days in Melbourne and further up the line. It was amazing and next time I will definitely go for twice as long.
My main aims were to hit the opshops and to visit some close family members I haven't seen for over a year.
The less said about the plane trip there, the better. All I will mention are the words Christchurch, stopover, rain, earthquake and depressing.
In Melbourne I checked into a small but perfectly formed studio apartment near Queen Victoria Markets. The next morning I braved the rain and explored. I found a striking angel sculpture:

And lots of real fruit and veg:

I am in love with Melbourne architecture, from the old to the new. Here is a lovely old painted sign in the foreground, with a geometric masterpiece behind it:
Then I took the classic tourist shot of the Shot Tower (pun intended):
I took the tram out to Brunswick, which has a large Savers shop. I was surprised at how high the prices were, so I only bought a couple of things, then walked around marvelling at the shops full of bridal and formal wear and hideous gold jewellery. I loved hearing Italian spoken by the op shop ladies, and Mauricio in the pizza place I went to for lunch. Nearby were these moustachioed windows:
Stay tuned for more Melbourne adventures.


  1. I have shamefully never been to Melbourne!!
    I am longing to go, I just always seem to have a higher priority..!!!
    Thanks for popping by my blog,looks like we have some common ground,hurrah! X

  2. You are right Helga, I am a collector from way back, but my house is getting so cluttered I am trying to restrict myself to collecting clothes (at least they serve a useful purpose!)
    I am a big fan of your blog, it's so colourful and inspiring.


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