Saturday, 1 September 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Today I saw Moonrise Kingdom. I suppose Wes Anderson is one of those directors you either get or you don't. I think it's his best movie yet - visually amazing, full of nostalgia, gently funny and emotionally devastating. The music is great, especially Benjamin Britten and Hank Williams. The love story was almost believable (call me an old cynic). His films are can border on the twee, but he manages to pull it off. Tilda Swinton as "Social Services" was fabulous in her sculptural blue costume, and Frances McDormand wore some great sixties dresses. Harvey Keitel stole every scene he was in.
It's interesting how many film-makers use children as protagonists. It's not a children's movie but I think young adults, as well as my generation who grew up in the sixties, will love it. My favourite line? "Our daughter has been abducted by those beige lunatics."

Wes Anderson is building up an impressive body of work. I've seen all his films except Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is next on my list. 

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